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Ciputra Hanoi – What lies beneath its prime location?

by Nguyen Anh Thu on July 17, 2019
Ciputra Hanoi – What lies beneath its prime location?

Ciputra Hanoi, which is the iconic residential area in the Capital City of Vietnam, now possesses the prime location to make it the one and only, most worth living destination in Hanoi. Located in the north-west of the city near West Lake area and Red River western banks, this residential area has all what it takes to present to you the ultimate luxury living experience, ranging from convenient transportation, stunning integrated amenities to civil and intellectual community.

Prime location in combination with Convenient Transportation in Ciputra Hanoi

Even though Ciputra is not in the present Central Business Districts of Hanoi, a large number of analysts deem this residential area as the flagship “leaders” in the trend of our major public, which is to move to suburban area to cast out the hustle and bustle elements in our lives. Poised with the green lush and iconic views of breathtaking landscapes, residents of this place can still have the quick and easy accessibility to the urban central areas of Hanoi through Ring Road No.2 (Vo Chi Cong – Lang Street) and Ring Road No.3 (Pham Van Dong). These streets connect thoroughly Ciputra to the most populated areas in Hanoi, including your workplace and your leisure facilities, fulfilling your lives with vibrant and dynamic activities without ruining your private and peaceful homes.

Ciputra Hanoi

The Prime Location of Ciputra

To be more specific, time amount it takes for residents from Ciputra to access to other major spot of Hanoi can be counted as follow:

  • 4 minutes to reach West Lake
  • 15 minutes to reach Hanoi Skyline leading to other provinces of Northen Vietnam
  • 17 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport via Nhat Tan Bridge

In the near future, according to the urban planning vested out by Hanoi Authority, Ciputra will welcome more office buildings and embassies relocating inside the area, making the commutes to work or general affairs less tiring and exhausting. It also means that the time spent on travelling to work when you live in an apartment for rent in Ciputra Hanoi will be les, granting you more time for other things.

Integrated Amenities of Sleek and Luxurious Standard of Ciputra Tay Ho

If apartment for rent in Ciputra is your choice for relocation, you are now equipped with sensational and convenient community amenities, along with dozen of in-door facility to call it a new level of exquisite city living style. What you have in mind of a perfect home are all available inside Ciputra, including high-rise office buildings, remarkable green lush of parks, international schools, entertainment and sport clubs. Although these are just the standard requirements of any high-class residential areas, the quality and extraordinary in the services and convenience of these amenities set a new high record standard.

Golf Ciputra Hanoi

Golf Ciputra – Main amenity in Ciputra

Within the walking distance of this area, the place if flush with common laundry facilities, restaurants for expats, supermarkets, yoga and fitness centers. One fine thing of the amenities here is that the staff are all bilingual, creating a environment of English, Japanese and Korean speakers, etc. You will find yourself using the services and amenities in Ciputra Hanoi with having to shout to the staff’s face, trying to explain what you really want.

The facilities and infrastructure of this area is classed as well-preserved and well-maintained; therefore the situation of old-fashion, obsolete stores are off the case.

Civil and intellectual community to bring your life in harmony

For some expats, Ciputra Hanoi Apartment is their number one choice for the privacy and harmony; however, the dynamic and vibrant community life are still available. Thanks to the construction of various spacious common rooms scattered throughout Ciputra, the residents have the opportunities to meet new people, including friendly neighbors, expatriates and other kinds. With the facilities built to encourage people to take part in some team sports or even individual sports, the community spirit of sharing and having fun is instilled within residents, making it a friendly yet pivate neighborhood.

The facilities for people to join in include:

  • Golf and Fitness Center Ciputra
  • Four-season swimming pool
  • Five-star restaurants
  • Sport Bar of Superb designs

One more feature for you to choose apartments for rent in Ciputra is that each of the building here form a board of civillians for mutual affairs and complaints if available. These will be of great advantage for expats to live a life as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to the above elements concerning Ciputra Hanoi‘s prime location, this has been the number one choice for expats residing in Hanoi.


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