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Properties listed in Thang Long Number One

Thang Long Number One – Perfect choice of yours

Situated at 01 Thang Long Avenue, Thang Long Number One is one of the hottest areas for expats who are looking for Hanoi apartment. This residential building is a destination to come as for its state-of-art services and amenities, not to mention the prime location and sophisticated design it has to offer. With profound knowledge in the leasing market, Alphahousing is dedicated to finding the right place for you.

Significant features of Thang Long Number One that will give you a memorable living experience

Thang Long Number One is the perfect choice for expats because of the following factors:

High-class and well-managed services and amenities

With synchronized services and utilities from the world’s top providers, expats residing in Thang Long Number One can rest assured that all your requirements will be fulfilled with high expectations. In addition, Thang Long Number One is the combination of residential buildings, office for lease and shopping center, which will definitely be of your advantage when finding the services you need.

Top-notch design of sophistication

Thanks to the finesse architecture and superb design, expats will sense an aura of modern and luxurious lifestyle within the building, which is an unforgettable and desirable experience for you in Hanoi. Each building represents different architectural styles, bringing you multiple choices for the most suitable place for you. The position of this project is quite favorable, opening your space to a windy, full-of-light atmosphere, which is hard to find in Hanoi.

Vibrant Community of Expats

As for the rising population of expats coming to Hanoi, Thang Long Number One – an international-standard complex – has increasingly become the famous choice for people looking for apartment for rent in Hanoi. Indeed, the friendly community of it is also a factor, as for this complex forms a neighborhood of respectful and polite manner, making it one of the most liveable places. There are also amenities available outside the buildings such as K-Markets, BigC, Keangnam, etc. for your best solution, which is only a few minutes of traveling away.

Ideal location for traveling

When talking about traveling in Hanoi, we often hear complaints about the traffic jams and heavy transportation; but expats would not have to worry about that with Thang Long Number One because this complex lies at the intersection of the central Hanoi and suburban area, which reduces the number of traffics and deafening sounds.

Alphahousing will help you rent your apartment at Thang Long Number One

Coming to Alphahousing, you will be served by experienced consultants with many years of working in the leasing market. If you are interested, please contact us and we will analyze your requirements to get you the apartment in Hanoi that you need.

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    $ 400 to $ 10,000

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