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Golden Palace – Your dream home

Located in Tu Liem District, Golden Palace is another perfect choice for expats to reside. Golden Palace is a complex integrated building that can fulfill all of your needs, offering one of the best apartments for rent in Hanoi.

What Golden Palace can offer expats

Coming to Golden Palace, expats’ needs are fulfill thanks to these following features:

Convenient location for better transportation

Standing in the planning site of Hanoi, Golden Palace have a favorable location, which is at the heart of one booming and developing area of the city. As for this fact too, although it is very dynamic in terms of economy and finance, the life here is still instilled with the serenity and peacefulness. Staying here can make expats completely forget about the hustle and bustle streets with all the dust and deafening honkings. It would take residents only 5 minutes to drive to the ring road which can quickly and easily lead you to every part of Hanoi.

Complex of Shopping Centers, Spacious Work Space and Residential Areas

Modern and convenient residential areas of Golden Palace are complemented with one shopping center that can provide most of the goods you need. There are also the office area in Golden Palace, making it super convenient and easy for those who work here. There are also other residential areas in this District such as  The Manor or Dolphin Plaza where many of the expats live, creating you the chance to join in any expats community.

Wide variety of housings to choose from

If you choose Golden Palace as your home, Alphahousing will provide you the best offer that you find the most comfortable and suitable with. Our housing ranges from two-bedroom to four-bedroom apartment with price of $800 – $1200. These can be either fully furnished or unfurnished, creating more convenience and freedom for you with your apartment.

Alphahousing will help you find your apartment at Golden Palace

Golden Palace is very popular among the expats community, and we assure you that you will live in a friendly, yet private neighborhood. If you are seeking apartments and villas for rent in Golden Palace, you can contact us and we will analyze your needs and give you our best offer.

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