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House for rent in Hanoi

Starting a new life in a new country is not an easy thing to do because when making your way into a strange country, you will be a little anxious about the locals such as housing, neighbors, habits and customs, etc. The best way to bring ease to your mind perhaps is to rent a property so that you can fit in a new community quickly and easily. There is variety of Hanoi housing which are in nice style, coming with fully/partially furnished and amenities in good quality faith.

Friendly community of locals in Tay Ho

Expats residing in Hanoi can be single but also can be bringing his/her whole family to this city, and houses for rent in Hanoi can sure offer you the accommodation that fit the size of your family while making your life more involved in the community’s activities. With the friendly and helpful nature of people in Hanoi, it can be the shortest path to adapt yourself with habits and customs as well as local people. 

A well-polished local house in a civilized neighborhood can ring you not only the private life but also a life of involvement within your neighborhood. As a result, you can grasp the idea of Vietnamese culture and customs. Check out the house for rent in Hanoi with listings in Tay Ho District here:

Amenities for expat to the standard of international are everywhere

As the community of expats are expanding in Vietnam, there are more and more amenities to serve this community. Each and every store or restaurants you can see English-speaking or even Korean-speaking staff, making it much more easier to communicate. The schools and hospitals also include services for people of outer nationality to provide best experience.

The stores in Hanoi are literally everywhere, even in small alleys. There you can find almost everything, even the grocery from your own country thanks to the development of our economy.

Our company (Alpha Housing) is developed and support you in finding a good house easier. Please send us your requirements, we will detailedly and accurately select houses which are suitable for your needs and carry out a survey them to choose your right home in the shortest time with best price. You can take a look at the house listings from everywhere of Hanoi here:

Advanced transport system that can bring you anywhere

Although the transport system of Vietnam has a reputation of being over-crowded and downgraded, the city of Hanoi is of no such case thanks to many newly constructed roads and a handful of reconstructions on Ring Road 2 and Ring Road 3. These now are the main commute routes of many citizens and expats are no exception.

The urban planning of Hanoi is now clearer and more advanced with the operation of Hanoi Skyline and the New Metro Highway, connecting every part of the city to the important spots of our way out of the city and out of the city. To avoid traffic jams and traveling costs, the bus system is also a huge plus for its cost-saving and environmentally friendly features.

Cheap, affordable and Budget house for rent in Hanoi

Besides the fancy and luxurious houses for rent in Hanoi, expats also have the choice with many other affordable and budget houses, with the price ranges quite low when compared with the income of expats in Hanoi. Check it out here:

If none of the above houses suit your needs, please take a look at the listings of villa for rent in Hanoi. As for Hanoi villa for rent, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are much more, and the common space are wider, which is suitable for big families or large group of friends. The amenities in villas are also better, with swimming pools and garden for better relaxation and comfort.

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