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$ 400 to $ 10,000

Villa for rent in Hanoi

Villas for rent in Hanoi is not as much varied and diverse as apartments and house, yet the quality is exceptionally superlative, which is what expats are looking for while seeking for their dream home. Villas in Hanoi possesses the features concerning the large space, utmost privacy and respectable neighborhood, plus peaceful greenery.

Villa for rent in Hanoi spacious ground

Most of the villas for rent in Hanoi are located inside spacious residential areas with large spare kilometers to ensure the quality of residents’ lives and enough land per capita. For each villa, it not only includes the property itself but also a large garden with green trees and grass, and sometimes an adequate swimming pool.

When compared with apartments and houses for rent in Hanoi, it is clearly noted that the space of villas is much larger than those of others. This is a much better option for expats, especially for those who have small children as they can play and swim in their own house without having to go anywhere. With high rate of open space like this, expats with pets or smoking habits can live with their things without affecting anyone.

Complete privacy for better life at Ciputra villa for rent

With low building density, each villa in Hanoi has to itself its own space, equipped with fences or terraces to secure the residents better. This kind of privacy is even more solid with the security staffs who patrol each and every hour every day, making your home is safer than ever.

Plus, the neighbors in villas sector are all respectable residents with their attentiveness to the privacy of others. They do not have the habit of concerning others’ business and nosing in, making your lives much more private and closed.

Thanks to the large square area, a wide variety of villas for rent in Hanoi are beautifully designed with four to six bedrooms with surrounding garden, swimming pool, entertainment space, etc. Villas rental in Hanoi are mixed between old and modern style come with furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished status which are more expensive to rent but more luxurious and private than apartments or houses, which are ideal for families, expats, and groups of colleagues of friends. 

Wide range of villas for rent listings with Alphahousing

Alpha Housing is developed to provide for all housing requirements, residential leasing, commercial leasing and Industrial leasing. We have many experiences about Real Estate with well-trained staffs to provide best services for customers. We have wide range of updating database of villas rental in Hanoi from districts of Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, Ha Dong, Long Bien (Vinhomes Riverside) etc. from cheap to high rates to serve for any requirement you may have.

Alongside with villa for rent in Hanoi, apartment for rent in Hanoi is also a thriving aspect of Alphahousing with hundreds of listings with updated information and status. Unlike villas and houses, Hanoi apartment for rent includes one to three bedrooms, which is suitable for small families or small groups of friends. With these diverse choices of your dream home, you can surely find a place that suit your wish and your budget the most.

Alphahousing will help you to quickly find your ideal home and will try our best to negotiate to get the best deal on your new home. If you are looking for villas for lease in Hanoi, Please send us your needs, we will detailedly and accurately select and carry out a survey to your right home in the shortest time with reasonable price. Would like further information, we invite you to discuss with us via chat tool on our web, email system or by phone

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