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Properties listed in Vinhomes Gardenia

Vinhome Gardenia – The city inspiring happiness

For expats who currently research into Hanoi housing, apartments Vinhome Gardenia shouldn’t be missed.

The reasons why expats should choose Vinhome Gardenia

Getting inspiration from the elegant Jasmine flower, Vinhomes Gardenia accommodates people with pure and healthy homes. The deluxe apartments at the busy central Hanoi make you feel fresh and calm, close to nature like lakes and plants. Vinhomes Gardenia is a multi-purpose complex including villas, row houses, apartment buildings along with utilities, promising to give you a highly desirable homes.

A high-quality property product of Vingroup – Vietnam’s most prestigious real estate investor

Because of the good reputation from the investor – Vingroup, Vinhome Gardenia is absolutely trustworthy. Inheriting Vingroup’s essences of quality, prestige and high-class services, Vinhomes Gardenia has competitive advantages that few other competitors do.

The auspicious location

The complex is situated at the gate to West Hanoi. It is on Ham Nghi street,Tu Liem district, which is considered as the heart of the capital. It offers quick accessibility to other major parts in Hanoi. According to the principles of Feng Shui, a well-known philosophy across Asian countries, the location of each apartment in Vinhome Gardenia brings its owners good energy and prosperity.

The resort lifestyle in living space

At the busiest and dynamic part of Hanoi, you will be so surprised and excited to learn about a green romantic place that are close to nature like Vinhomes Gardenia. The botanic gardens and fountain, together with tennis court are added values.

The healthy and high-class living environment

All apartments have beautiful view overlooking the swimming pools and square. The living space is airy and sunlit thanks to the environmentally-friendly building design of the construction. Excellent services and utilities make whole living experience enjoyable. Services inside of the complex are supermarkets, beauty and health center, swimming pools, clinics, playground for kids, entertainment areas, etc. Especially, international schools ranging from kindergarten to high schools and Vinmec international hospital can fulfil high expectations from customers. The complex itself is truly a little city where all services are available!

A wide range of choices to best fit your needs

The complex is rated as a very large construction. In total, there are 2037 apartments, 364 villas, row houses and shop houses. Depending on different needs and financial potential, you are easy to get a good one.

Have Alphahousing choose the best suitable apartment!

With many years of experience and working as a specialist in real estate field, Alphahousing strongly believes that you can have us find the perfect Hanoi apartment for rent. Please kindly give us requirements for your dream home, we would make it come true for you. In the shortest time and with reasonable price, all your needs will be analyzed in detail and get a careful research to give you a perfect home.

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    $ 400 to $ 10,000

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