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Apartment for rent in Hanoi

One of the most trending destinations for expats to come is the Capital City of Vietnam, leading to the surging demand of apartment for rent in Hanoi. Working in this energetic and dynamic city, you will need a place to call home that can bring you joy and comfort, and before going further to dig into the updated listings of Alpha Housing, there are some features of Hanoi housing that should be taken into consideration.

Diverse choices of apartment for rent in Hanoi for expats

Hanoi is the city of nearly 8 million residents, about 5% of which are expats working in many different fields, leading to the increasingly high demand for rental properties. Although the Law of Vietnam has granted opportunities for them to possess houses, the rate of expats renting around is still on the rise. The landlords of high-quality house for rent in Hanoi has been targeting this class of clients, resulting in many choices for expats.

Ba Dinh is one of the districts that has a large number of properties for rent:

Besides Ba Dinh District, Dong Da, Cau Giay and Hai Ba Trung District is also the place of numerous high-class apartments for rent, scattering in all wards and community areas, giving the diverse choices of your dream home. From one-bedroom flats to luxurious pent-houses, Alphahousing has it all.

Here at Alpha Housing we have all kinds of properties for rent, not limited to just apartments. For example, house for rent Hanoi includes house for rent in Ba Dinh District, Cau Giay District, Dong Da District, etc., and these are all available at all shape and size, and with the prime features of amenities and facilities in our listings, our agents are confident that we can give you exactly what you want with highest standard and lowest budget. The prices of house for rent in Hanoi range from $700/month to $3000/month, giving many choices for expats when looking for their affordable place.

Amenities from the best providers and excellent services

The landlords of apartments for rent in Hanoi understand thoroughly that the living standard of expats are higher than that of the locals; hence, the amenities are specifically integrated to meet the international standards, from the balcony to floor-to-ceiling distance, all are well put to create home of your dream. Perhaps Tay Ho District is the place of top-notch amenities, check out the apartments for rent in Tay Ho here:

The apartments for rent in our system are all located in complexes that provide all-in-one facilities, giving you the every kind of service that you can think of, including education, entertainment and even work. Most of these amenities and services are well served by bilingual staff, who will support you when you have problems with your properties with a professional and polite manner. With the high-pace development of the society, there are more and more apartment building projects with high-class quality and high standard, which will definitely satisfy you and your family. These following projects are fine examples:

Spoiled for choice with cheap apartment for rent in Hanoi

There is a wide variety of Apartments rental in Hanoi that are sophisticatedly designed with 1 to 4 bedrooms, which can be fully-furnished or unfurnished. Alpha Housing supplies all housing requirements, residential leasing/buying. We have many experiences with Real Estate sector to provide best services for customers. Dong Da is another district with high number of apartments for rent with diverse structures, take a look at Dong Da apartment for rent here:

With Alpha Housing, expats are spoiled for choice as we have wide variety of updating database of apartments for rent in Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, Tu Liem…, ranging from cheap to higher rental rates to meet any of your requirements. It is our duty to help you to quickly find your ideal home and will try our best to negotiate to get the best deal on your new home. 

Apartment for rent in Tu Liem District: Home for Koreans and Japanese

Tu Liem district is the new development focal point of Hanoi, leading to numerous companies and corporations in this area, most of which are from FDA countries including Korea and Japan. As a result, the residents here form a new community of people coming from the aforementioned countries. You can check out the apartments for rent in Tu Liem District here:

If you are looking for a place to settle down in Hanoi, please send us your needs, we will detailedly and accurately select and carry out a survey to indicate your right home in the shortest time with reasonable price. Would you like further information, we invite you to discuss with us via chat tool on our web, email system or by phone.

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