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Discovery Complex – The Perfect Harmony

Apartment for rent in Cau Giay has long been an ideal choice for expats settling in Vietnam. Expats choosing a place to live in have to consider a large number of features including convenient location, perfect amenities, services and finesse architecture, all of which you can find at Discovery Complex.

Features that make Discovey Complex stand out

Discovery Complex is the place that should not be missed when finding an apartment for the following reasons:

Impression of a modern and unique structure within a green environment

Looking from afar, you can see two blocks of 43 and 54 storeys which form a twin tower for the complex of office, shopping mall and apartments. Under the construction of carefulness and sophistication, Discovery Complex is also built in an environment of green trees, parks and lakes. Expats may think that living in an apartment here can only lead to a life of blockage and indoors activities; however, Discovery Complex lies inside a “triangle” of 3 different parks of Cau Giay Park, Thu Le Park and Nghia Do Park, all of which are just five minutes of traveling away.

A Complex of Everything You Ever Need

With a vision to build a mini community where you can get access to everything you need, the owner of Discovery Complex built 8 storeys for shopping mall, 5 for underground parking lots, a swimming pool of 400 square meters, international schools and nursing schools, etc. These utilities and amenities are combined with the perfect green space outside, forming a top-notch harmony for the expats planning to live here.

Prime location and convenient traveling

Situated on Cau Giay Street, at the heart of Cau Giay District, Discovery Complex is one of the most hunted apartment buildings in Hanoi. One vital reason for this is the location it possesses, as from Cau Giay Street, you can easily go to the central Hanoi, either by motorbikes/cars or by the skytrain system that has been recently developed. You can also travel to Indochina Plaza Hanoi or Royal City through this system.

Let Alphahousing help you find your apartment

As a new and modern place for expats to reside in, Discovery Complex has been a hot offer for you to rent apartment Hanoi. If you are looking for apartments for yourself or your loved ones, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

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