The Modern of Living in Vinhomes Times City – Parkhill

Tue Ngo15/05/2020

Peacefully situated in the most desireable inner-city Vietnam – Vinhome Time City Park Hill connects, inherits all facilities and infrastructure of International standards such as Vinschool system; Vinmect International General Hospital; Shopping Center; 24/7 security; front desk service to home-based service like cleaning service, laundry, repaire service.

Amenities in Vinhome Time City Park Hill

With the motto of creating an environment whereby “a life force is recreated everyday”, the investors focused on building a green landscape with many facilities such as:
– Water landscape and gardens including: island, flower trellis, fountain, lighting landscape, creative playground, outdoors gym ground …
– The central square with square, playground, clock tower, stage space, super lighting trees …
– BBQ, picnic and swimming area including: outdoors swimming pool connecting with indoors one, BBQ ground, playground for children, green glass roof top with free wifi hotspots…
– Sports and ecological area including: mini football playground, tennis court, multi-functioned playground, zen garden …
– Walking and shopping streets will bring you relaxing time and space after a stressful day.

With slotted design both saving area and making full use of natural energies such as light and wind, Park Hill-Time City was awarded with double prizes of the International Real Estate Association: the best complex project and the best trading center.

Design of Times City Park Hill

The apartments have modern design with imported materials and equipment such as: wall cabinet, wooden floor in bedrooms, ceiling light, ceiling air con, central hot water system, visitor recognition door system, coded and highly controlled keys with triple fingerprint security, standby manual keys and code …

Time City Park Hill

Time City Park Hill

Park Hill is the newest project. It is built on a total area of 25063 square meters, including four apartment towers ranging from Park 9 till Park 12 (contemporary shophouses) equipped with the Smart Home system along with a series of 30 varied local amenities. Inheriting urban lifestyle of Vinhomes Times City-Park Hill, the launch of Smart Home in Park Hill Premium is perfect start to future life – a place where living values converge. Remarkable facilities of clever apartment, busy metropolis and harmonious landscape design. Breaking concept of normal high rise condominium, Park Hill Premium will bring new breakthroughs to luxury apartments with world-class smart technology utilities integration.

At smarthome Times City Park Hill, everything is automated. From self-induction lights, remote control curtains, intelligent light systems, apartment owners are able to administer a buttion: Touch switch – Fast and convenient! Device incorporating synchronous processors, tenants could adjust every device in the house: sound, air conditioning, etc via bluetooth, Smart Phone or tablet. Doorbell interactive displays images, CCTV, smoke detectors, fire alarms are integrated automatically, the Park Hill Premium residents can enjoy optimal safety. Apartment design is optimal, brilliant, superior interms of utility and enery saving. Intelligent Sensor: Multi-region sound lines and flexible dynamic control features will unquestionably provide excellent audio-visual experience for home owner.