All-time rental guide for expats with house for rent in Hanoi

Nguyen Anh Thu14/06/2020

House for rent in Hanoi is one of the best choices for expats. In this article, we will introduce to you the different kinds of houses for rent, ways to find them and some useful tips.

What is a shared house for rent in Hanoi?

Shared house for rent or shared apartment for rent in Hanoi is a more affordable and favored way of renting when compared with other kinds of rental property. Normally, in a shared house, expats live in private rooms, using separate bathrooms. The only shared living space is the kitchen, the living room and perhaps the parking area. This type of property for rent is more popular among single expats, who prefer their private space and has no plan to start a new family here.

Hanoi house for rent

Hanoi house for rent

Although the studio or serviced apartment is more suitable for private life, some expats prefer shared house because they have the chance to live with someone who speaks the same language or work in the same profession. With the affordable price ranging from $200 – $250 and a short-term rental contract, many expats have chosen a shared house for rent in Hanoi. However, it should be taken into consideration that there are possible demerits, including limited privacy, no-pet policy and unsuitability for children.

Ways to find a house for rent in Hanoi

There are plenty of ways to find you the best house for rent in Hanoi. Expats can find help within your community of friends and colleagues. Their experience and acquaintances can find you some information on the house for rent, although it is quite limited. One different and more popular way is to find the house for rent online; and one of the most proven-efficient sites is Facebook. On Facebook, the expats’ community is connected more broadly, hence the information can be more diverse with multiple choices are offered. For example, the Hanoi Massive Community is a ground for 102,000 expats from all regions and countries to hang out, discuss and help each other.

However, the online Facebook Group does not have the well-arranged and systematic listings as the Real Estate agents have. As a result, if you are willing to dig deep into the market of house rental Hanoi, you should come to agencies with specific requirements on what you want in your house. The experienced staff of real estate agents can find you’re the best-suited ones, and then take you to see them until you find the perfect place for you and your family.

Renting your own house in Hanoi

Unlike a shared house, a full rental house is more suitable for families or even a big group of friends. As for the fact that you now own the space to yourself, the problems with pet policy and children are now lifted. Normally, house for rent in Hanoi often come with garden space (although this depends much on the location of the property), which will be very convenient for children and pets.

Hanoi house for rent

Typical Hanoi house for rent

Despite all the advantages, Hanoi house rental is quite expensive, with the average price from $800, not to mention the additional fees such as service management, sanitation service, electricity and water bills, etc. Please note that the budget for house rental should include all of the additional fees above.

Tips to find the best house for rent in Hanoi

Before going into any listings of houses for rent in Hanoi, expats should pay attention to the papers required by the landlords and the authority to rent a property. For the case of Vietnam, it is a must for expats/foreigners to have a work permit or a business visa to be allowed to rent.

Hanoi has diverse but unique neighborhoods for different expats’ community. For example, while the Japanese neighborhood is in Truc Bach area of Ba Dinh district and the Korean neighborhood is in Keangnam area of Nam Tu Lien District, the Westerners reside in Tay Ho District. With this information, Alphahousing hopes you can find the right place for you.