What is a serviced apartment?

Nguyen Anh Thu17/06/2021

There are many types of properties for expats to choose from and one of the most trendy choices is a serviced apartment. This is a new type of premises for tenants and Alphahousing will provide the most important information about this so that expats can find the perfect place in the Hanoi housing market

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is usually a fully furnished apartment, which can be both used to long-term or short-term stays. While living in this kind of premise, tenants are provided with hotel-like services and amenities, all of which are included in the rental price.

Some of you may think this a hotel, but actually, it is very different from what you imagine. For example, the services you are offered in the serviced apartment do not only come with standard amenities such as room service, swimming pool, a restaurant like those in the hotel. Instead, tenants can use a kitchenette or full-size kitchen; washers and dryers are also available. In these apartments, the privacy and space of tenants are optimized so that they can enjoy such convenience of fully equipped space.

serviced apartment Hanoi

Serviced apartment Hanoi

At some famous serviced apartment projects, you can expect a wider range of services such as gyms, restaurants, meeting space, laundry, etc. Some tenants are even surprised by the hotel-like services including toiletries change, bed-making and cleaning. With these being included in the rental price, expats can experience a top-quality life in Vietnam with a reasonable and affordable fee.

All in all, here are the things you are likely to have in a serviced apartment for rent in Hanoi:

 – A bathroom

 – A designated sleeping space or a separate bedroom

 – Electronic devices such as TV, washing machine, dryer, aircon, wi-fi router

 – Weekly cleaning service

 – Mini-size kitchen with standard equipment

Serviced apartments and another similar kind of apartment for rent in Hanoi

Other than the serviced apartment itself, expats are more than welcome to look into other sub-headings such as hometel, aparthotel and shared room.


Hometel is a totally new form of housing in Hanoi housing market with just a few projects that can actually bear the title of it. To begin, Hometel is the combination of “Home” and “Hotel, and these kinds of property can be found at prime locations where every service and facility gather. The sole difference of this when compared with serviced apartments for rent in Hanoi is a larger range of services. As in Hometel, the services are at a higher standard (which is of luxury hotels) when compared with those in serviced apartments. As a result, the rent for Hometel is much higher.

Shared room

A shared room is also a form of cheap apartment for rent in Hanoi where you can share it with one or two other friends. An apartment for rent is quite too much if you are planning to stay alone, so a shared room must be the number one choice.

Where can expats find the best-serviced apartment for rent?

Expats when looking for serviced apartments for rent in Tay Ho, Hanoi often go to online booking sites with many booking options if they plan to stay short-term. These online sites have plenty of choices for you with no strings attached, meaning that expats can decide to stay or to leave anytime they want. However, if they are planning to stay long-term (more than 3 months), expats have to go to agencies to sign and execute a lease contract with many obligations. In this case, they are highly recommended to find online listing sites for further guides.

Here at Alphahousing, we offer you the most up-to-date listings of both serviced apartments and cheap apartments for rent in Hanoi. Before rushing into anything, you can choose freely the best apartments that suit your conditions, our agents will help you contact the landlords and carry out a lease contract that can help you with legal actions and obligations.

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