Here’s How You Can have the perfect villa for rent in Hanoi

Nguyen Anh Thu14/04/2020

When relocating in the beautiful city of Hanoi, some expats delight in the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of Hanoi whereas others seem to prefer the arcadian and restful vibe of this city. For such activeness in the living style, perhaps expats would want to live in apartment for rent which is surrounded by numerous entertainment centers and famous stores. However, for a less bustling and busy lifestyle, villa for rent in Hanoi is quite the perfect answer for the best residing place. So, how can you find the the perfect villa for rent in Hanoi?

Budget and location to be identified

Expats are highly recommended to list out the personal information regarding your income, budget, favored location, work location and preferred amenities. Only with these in mind can you find the perfect villa for rent in Hanoi that is affordable and suits your needs.

About your budget

The first thing to consider when finding an apartment for rent in Hanoi is your budget. Here are the things should be noted down to vest out the expenses budget for your new home.

  • Monthly rental fee

According to many articles and research in the housing market, it is advised that expats should spend no more than about 20% to 25% of your income on housing. Let’s say, if you earn $10,000 a month, then the cost of the villa for rent you are looking for ranges from $2,000 to $2500. With this amount of money, finding a decent and cozy villa for expats in Hanoi is not difficult.

villa for rent in Hanoi

Villa for rent in Hanoi

  • Budget for Utilities

Most of the villas in Hanoi are located in residential areas, meaning that these properties are offered with a wide range of utilities and amenities, namely the community sanitation fee, maintenance fee, security fee, etc. These should be 10% to 15%, meaning that for a $2,000 villa, expats have to pay $200 more to cover living expenses other than just the rental fee.

  • Budget for living expense

Electricity, Water, Internet and other living expense should also be included in your budget planning. In Hanoi, Vietnam, It should be no more than another $200/month.

About the Locations

There are two things to be asked regarding the locations, including the place of your favorite community and your workplace.

  • Where you want to stay

The expatriate community in Hanoi is usually located in the central districts and the western districts of the city. If the Westerner community lives mostly in Tay Ho area, including Lac Long Quan street, Dang Thai Mai street, Quang An street, etc., Japanese expats gather in Ba Dinh area (on Linh Lang, Van Cao or Van Phuc streets). This place is where Japanese embassy is, and there are many restaurants, bars with Japanese style, which is very attractive.

Ba Dinh District

Ba Dinh District

In addition, the area of ​​Nam Tu Liem district where the landmark Keangnam is located is also home to many Koreans, creating a densely populated community, followed by many diverse Korean cultural traits and services. If you wish to live in the community with people who speak the same language and have the same culture, you should consider the information about the above about different communities.

  • Where you work

For many expats in Vietnam, the distance to work is also an important factor in deciding where to live. With a complex road system like in Hanoi, choosing accommodation near the workplace is still the most ideal.

  • Where villa for rent is available

Expats can find a great number of villa for rent in Tay Ho, Long Bien District and Ciputra Residential area. They all have convenient transport system and easy access to major office areas.

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