There is a Japanese hometown in Hanoi

Mai Trần23/08/2019

It will be perfect if there is a place which looks like your hometown in your living country. So hard to believe but it’s true! There is a Japanese hometown in Hanoi. Once expats, especially Japanese people choose house for rent in Hanoi, they will be absolutely surprise.

Where is that place in Hanoi?

Being considered as a Japanese hometown in Hanoi, Kim Ma, Dao Tan & Linh Lang Streets are grouped into high-end residential area. The area is belonged to Ba Dinh district, Hanoi. On these streets, there are not only Japanese restaurants, stores,… but also houses and apartments for rent. Most of entertainment activities are taken place in the evening. The whole area is full of colorful lights and music. In addition, with some features look like in Japan, this area is favoured by Japanese expats.

Japanese corner in Hanoi

One of Japanese restaurant on Dao Tan Street

I want to live here immediately

Of course yes, once you rent apartment in Ba Dinh, you will find it easy to move to other important places. Moreover, no matter where you choose to stay in this area, you are also close to Thu Le Park, a large lake inside and many trees around. In some apartment buildings, there are lots of incredible views to the lake, park, street…

Hanoi apartment for rent in Ba Dinh often has modern interior design and full furniture in long term or short term… Apartments or houses for rent are often available on Dao Tan, Kim Ma, Van Cao, Linh Lang Streets,… Some new buildings are new and have modern design as well as convenient amenities. They are Lotte Center, Lancaster, Golden Westlake, Vinhomes Lieu Giai…so on.

Before you decide to rent an apartment, you should understand your needs. You also could answer some questions below:

  • Which apartment do you want to rent? Apartment in a tall or short building?
  • How long can you rent an apartment?
  • Do you want to close to Thu Le Park, Japanese embassy or Japanese restaurant (mainly on Kim Ma Street)?
  • Or you also find a reliable agency to find out the best apartment.

Finding apartment for rent with Alphahousing

Alphahousing is not only a professional rental agency but also a local unit. So that, apart from updated listing and dedicated consulting, Alphahousing agents will give you some useful advices about cuisines, entertainment activities and other amenities… We have updated listings with many types of apartments, different designs, serviced apartments with from 1 to 3 bedrooms,… To find the best apartment, please tell us your requirements, we will give you the best apartment for rent in Hanoi in general and in “Japanese town” in particular. Contact us now:

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