Ciputra: The most spacious lush greenery for expats

Nguyen Anh Thu06/02/2020

With the scale of 301ha, Ciputra Hanoi is invested by Nam Thang Long Urban Development Company Limited, a joint venture between Urban Infrastructure Investment and Development Corporation (Vietnam) and Ciputra Group (Indonesia). This is the most famous residential area in Hanoi housing market with a large community, fine amenities a green environment.

The high-class community of the elites

Up until now, Ciputra Hanoi is the home of more than 7,000 residents, with 30.8% foreigners coming from 74 countries worldwide. The expected number of residents when the Urban Area is fully developed is 50,000. With a large percentage of expats, Ciputra Hanoi is considered a multicolored and vibrant community. As a result, the utilities and services presented to the residents are always of top priority and quality in accordance with strict criteria and standards.

Ciputra Hanoi

Ciputra Hanoi – Top living space in the city

Living in an apartment for rent in Ciputra Hanoi, you have the chance to join in some regular activities between residents that are organized by the Management Board. With this, residents, especially expats are offered a great opportunity to have a more enjoyable life experience every day. Recently, the Management Board organized Ciputra Summer Fun series with attractive activities such as swimming, drawing classes for children. All year round, there are other traditional activities such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween, book festival day, environmental festival and the residents’ charity fundraising events.

Green lifestyle and fresh living environment

Ecological space and large green areas in the heart of Ciputra have their own characteristics of a high-class urban area. The principle of “green living” upholding nature is clearly displayed both in planning and in the design of each house, apartment, and utility within Ciputra Hanoi. “Eco-Culture” is a positive and strong lifestyle driven by investors in the community of this area. Here we have the Eco Path, an internal pedestrian street for pedestrians and cyclists, which has become a testament to the lifestyle of this place. Many residents choose to start the day by happily cycling and feeling the rhythm of life settling in the peaceful space of every tranquil morning.

Ciputra Hanoi

Lush greenery in Ciputra Hanoi

Ciputra Hanoi always upholds the closeness to nature, and this tradition has been maintained for two decades. All the latest projects are developed in the heart of the urban. Despite the application of modern architectural languages, properties here always follow the trend but still prioritize the connection between nature and the living space of each family.

Utility service class

It can be said that Ciputra is the first international urban area with synchronous planning, full integration of services and utilities, which is the successor of real estate projects in many other experienced countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, etc. The urban area is the location of many of the most prestigious international schools in Hanoi, including 5 schools: UNIS International School, Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School, Singapore International School, KIK Kindergarten and Sunshine House.

The urban area possesses the most advanced modern facilities, including Ciputra Club, sports and entertainment sports complex, 38-lane Golf course, restaurant, convenience store chain, health care salon and beauty, bank, cafe and so on. In addition to privacy, Ciputra Hanoi also offers an active, urban lifestyle. It is the strength of the successfully developed “all-in-one” plan that makes Ciputra Hanoi a modern space with fully functional infrastructure including reception and protection services with a system of other privileged utility services for high-quality life of the high-class community: Swimming pool, Gym, Tennis court, Green park, Supermarket… so on. View more 6 reasons to choose Ciputra Hanoi as your home