Things to know about condominium management fees for residents in Hanoi

Nhung Kieu12/07/2022

Many residents living in the apartments often have problems with how the management fees are charged. Many people do not understand the calculation, nor do they appreciate the importance of the management fee in everyday life.

Usually, some apartments have a management fee based on the size of the apartment under the purchase agreement, but there are also some cases where the fee is based on the clearance area.

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No matter how condominium management fees are calculated, there are things to consider. Through the article below, will help you better understand this issue.

What is the apartment management fee?

In fact, the operating fee of an apartment building is used to pay the service costs for the general activities of residents in the apartment building. Therefore, these expenses will be recognized in the business activities of the apartment operator and investor.

What are the types of condominium management fees?

The basic items in the building management fee will include:

  • Maintenance, maintenance and management fees for public facilities such as cleaning fees, maintenance fees of common areas, beauty fees, landscape regeneration, maintenance fees of the natural landscape system of the court ( if)
  • Fees are for the maintenance of general and private technical systems of an office building, fees for fixing breakdowns in common areas of the building, fees for cleaning and cleaning waste collection equipment.
  • Fees are used to upgrade and repair electrical systems, central air-conditioning systems, camera systems, elevator systems …
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In addition to those basic items, there may be additional charges for other services (refer this link to learn more other expenses) in the management fee including:

  • Reception services at the main lobby (direct guidance and reception).
  • Car parking service, building security, incident support when needed.
  • Cleaning services for buildings, private offices …
  • Periodic insecticide spraying service
  • Drinking water service at pantry counter …
  • In general, the items in the management fee will be the same. However, all buildings are not required to be fully furnished. It depends on the size and needs of each business and investor.

What are the factors affecting the calculation of the apartment building management fee?

The factors that affect the calculation of the management fee of the building are many and depending on the building, the categories of management fees and prices will vary. You can refer to a few of the influencing factors below.

First, the size of the building;

The size of the building is also one of the factors that influence how management fees are calculated. There is no set fee for this. It depends on the building that the calculation is different. For example, a large-scale building with many floors is required to have many different techniques and service systems. For example, it is necessary to have an elevator, reception … and the building is only about 5 floors, it may not need an elevator, so the service fee will be less.

Second, the need to use the service

For businesses, companies, organizations, have different needs for using the service. The building management fee will be classified into mandatory fees and optional fees. The required fees will include utility maintenance fee, elevator, parking fee, building security fee, or reception fee. In addition, optional fees such as overtime service fees, pantry drinks, reception fees at the main lobby … Depending on needs, the fee may vary between companies and businesses. Renting an apartment in that building by a business or private.

Third, the apartment rental area

The third factor that affects the management fee of the building is office/housing space. If you rent an apartment/office with a large area, of course, the management fee of the building will be higher than an apartment/office with a small area. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate to choose an apartment/office rental with a suitable area to reduce the management cost of the building.

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How are the management and operating costs of the apartment calculated?

Housing real estate in Hanoi has many different types of products, especially apartment projects when there are many standards and each standard, there will be a different ceiling management fee. This level will be determined by the buildings themselves. Therefore, the area and the needs and services of the building also greatly affect the service charge of the building. You need to pay attention to rationality.

The management fee for this apartment building depends on the locality, but not the same. Eg:

  • Hanoi apartment building: average from 5,000vnd / sqm – 20,000 vnd/ sqm.
  • Apartments in Ho Chi Minh City: average from 7,000vnd / sqm – 25,000vnd / sqm.

The management fee is calculated according to the following formula:

  • Clearance area of ​​apartment x management service price (for apartments)
  • Floor area used x management service prices (for low-rise housing areas such as villas, townhouses, split houses …)

In each such locality, projects will have a different rate but must not exceed the ceiling of the People’s Committee of the province or city where the apartment is built (except in the case of a separate agreement between the investor. projects and customers).

Thus, the investor has the right to proactively propose a service fee within the framework of the regulations of the provincial People’s Committee.

However, whether that price is applied in the apartment complex or not, the investor needs to negotiate with residents in the apartment to get an agreement.

It can be said that apartment management fees in Hanoi in particular and the country, in general, are currently a hot topic that is particularly interested in the public because in recent years there are many investment units, managers. After collecting money from residents, after collecting money, they did not comply with the commitments, they did not disclose transparency of revenues and expenditures, so there was a fierce response from residents. To minimize this problem, customers should learn carefully about the project investor, how to manage and operate the apartment that they intend to rent/purchase to make the right decision best.

Above, Alpha Housing has reviewed how to calculate the management fee of the apartment building, as well as what the management fee will be used for. Through the article, it is hoped that residents who are preparing or already living in, apartment projects will have a clearer view.

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