How you can find your dream home with small budget in Hanoi?

Nguyen Anh Thu23/08/2019

Hanoi is now a famous destination for expats from all around the world, as they come to this dynamic city to pursue their career or start a new life. Relocating in Hanoi is very simple, but you should pay attention to the following tips in terms of Hanoi housing to gain best from a small budget when finding your dream home.

Know how much you can afford

Before choosing any new property to rent in Hanoi, you should clearly have in mind how much you can pay to rent the place, then you can decide on which type of property you want (it should be an apartment, a house or a villa). Once you have cleared that out, you can locate the area you will look at. For example, villas for rent in Hanoi are available with reasonable price in Vinhomes Riverside in Long Bien District.

Get a roommate to save on housing cost

Apartments for rent in Hanoi comes in all shape and size but they are usually from two to four bedrooms, which is such a waste if you decide to rent it alone. If you share a property with one or two other people, you can not only save on your expense but you can also make new acquaintances in this city. Another option for you is that you can contact the community of expats in Hanoi to find anyone wanting to share the place with.


Staying with roommates can help your budget

Try subleasing your place to get extra money

Expats can try cutting down con rental costs by having roommates, but this does not always work because sometimes, finding one that can live in harmony with you is quite difficult. Perhaps your best solution now is to sublease the place to get extra money. Your tenants should not be limited to your community only. They could be from another race, or another age group.

Try out real estate agency

Finding apartments for rent in Hanoi by yourself is not always easy and it would be quite time-consuming. To save your time and money, you can come to real estate agency to get the best deals. Those agents with years of experience working in the field are the best ones that can find you the place with all services, amenities and facilities that you require. With a full understand of customers’ insight and a wide network, expats are sure to get a dream home with no consulting charges.


Search help with Hanoi housing

Find a place that has kitchen

This is one small detail that you should pay attention to when looking for Hanoi house for rent. Getting an apartment with a decent kitchen can help you reduce the cost of eating outside. Normally, price of an apartment with kitchen is about $20-25 higher that of those without a kitchen, which is much lower than the cost of eating outside. Instead of spending a fortune on food that you are uncertain of the origin and making, you can cook your own meal and save quite a lot.

Choose less populated areas

To your best convenience, you should rent a place in the central areas of Hanoi such as Hoan Kiem, Dong Da, Ba Dinh District because these places are convenient in terms of transportation and very dynamic, leading to the raising number of tenants and higher rental price. To reduce the cost, one is recommended to rent in the newly developed areas such as Nam Tu Liem or Long Bien District. The price there is only 70-80% of those in center districts.

Finding an house for rent in Hanoi is not difficult but renting one with low budget and good quality is pretty challenging. These above tips will possibly assist expats in finding a dream home with low budget.

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