SUNSHINE CRYSTAL RIVER – Duplex/Penthouse Live like you’re on Vacation

Nhung Kieu01/04/2024

Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra is a concept associated with the wealthy class in the world’s most luxurious cities such as Manhattan, Las Vegas… which has now become the target of the super rich around the world.

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Overview of the SUNSHINE CRYSTAL RIVER project

Scale: 5 apartment towers + 60 villa lots
Total number of apartments: 954 units
Number of Duplex apartments: 498 units
Number of SkyVillas apartments: 456 units

If the design of Penthouse and Duplex is still the same as a regular apartment, then Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra is designed according to the architecture of an individual house/villa with a full range of specialized spaces such as swimming pool, garden, grass…

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Overcoming the challenge of high-rise structures, preserving the private features of the villa such as swimming pool and garden, Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra also ensures absolute privacy for homeowners with amenities such as: walkway. private, private elevator lobby. Meanwhile, Duplex or Penthouse still share space with lower-end apartments, this is also the most basic difference between Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra and other product lines.


Sunshine Crystal River has a prime location, located in the Ciputra international urban area complex along with the Diplomatic Corps area, Tay Ho Tay large urban area.
Easily connected to Tay Ho, Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem centers; Vo Chi Cong Street – Nhat Tan Bridge

Duplex apartments include: 498; From floors 6 – 29 with apartment types with the following areas:
DL1-02/03/04/07/08/09/12/13/14: 120m2-130m2
DL1-01/05/06/15: 160m2-180m2
DL1-10/11: 110m2-120m2

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Skyvillas apartments include: 456; From floors 6-39 with types of apartments with electricity:
SK2: 180m2

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Design – black diamond interior apartment design

“black diamond” is the word used to express the specialness of the apartment. Each apartment is like a separate individual, when equipped with furniture from the world’s most famous Kohler company, specializing in providing furniture for 5-star hotels and presidential suites.

The apartment at Sunshine Sky Villas is a magical blend of the yellow color of the gilded details, the deep brown color of the door frames, sofa tables and chairs, and the elegant light gray color of the walls and other equipment, creating an extremely gentle, attractive, and stimulating feeling of discovery.

Class facilities of the project

Sunshine Crystal River fully inherits the classy amenities of the Sunshine project complex such as: The first international inter-school in Hanoi, golf course, tennis court, supermarket, luxury shophouse chain. .. Along with more than 30 internal amenities. All create a top-notch, high-class living experience for a modern residential community with the most fashionable living quality.

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi