Emergency phone numbers that need to be memorized in Viet Nam

Nhung Kieu31/08/2022

Surely not everyone knows exactly what emergency phone numbers are when living in Vietnam and what are the benefits? When to call these numbers? If you are looking to learn about emergency numbers in Vietnam to call when you need assistance. So please refer to the article below to know the emergency phone numbers you need to know in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, you need to remember the emergency phone numbers:

  1. 111 is a child protection hotline, operating 24/24h completely free of charge

The Call Center 111 application is a channel to receive information, evidence, and notices of denunciation of risks and acts of child abuse under the National Center for Child Protection. The application also provides useful information related to Child Safety such as: electronic library of documents, directory of emergency support phone numbers, list of Web site addresses of providers, child support services.

2. 112 is a nationwide search and rescue request number.

This is the call center for requesting assistance, search and rescue nationwide. When you need help in search and rescue in situations mainly caused by natural disasters such as storms, floods, flash floods, pipe floods, landslides…, or cases on rivers and seas caused by natural disasters. Ships that are sunk, drifting, damaged or disoriented, please call 112.

3. 113 is the number to call the police or the police when there is a job related to security and order.

You can call 113 to get timely police intervention when there are traffic accidents, cases with criminal elements, violations of social order and safety, robbery, fights, violence. In addition, victims or witnesses detect theft, law violations, cases of child abuse, domestic violence, you should also call 113.

In cases of injuries related to crime or traffic accidents where people die or are injured, people also need to call the police 113 first, then call 911.

4. 114 is the number to call the fire prevention and rescue agency.

In any province, when people dial 114 (landline phones or mobile phones do not need to dial the area code), the switchboard system will automatically transfer the call to the nearest local unit.

You call 114 in case of fire, explosion or being stuck in buildings, elevators, underground mines… for timely support.

When calling 114, the map system will be activated to locate the caller, then the operator will ring the alarm and within less than 1 minute, the fire truck team will be dispatched to the scene. school. In addition, the telephone operator will help advise the victim on how to handle specific situations so as not to suffocate due to smoke, dehydration, or being crushed by rubble.

5. 115 is the number for emergency medical calls.

The number 115 is often called when there is a case related to injury or illness. Particularly in the case of an injury related to a crime or traffic accident, people should call 113 first, then call 115.

In addition, the 115 switchboard also has a first aid consultant, so in the event of an injury and the ambulance is not available in time, the phone staff will guide people on how to handle first aid on the spot. Limit casualties and ensure the safety of human life.

Hopefully with the content that the article shares will help you have more information to use when needed.

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