Yout Don’t Have To Go Far For A Pool


A lot of foreigners are coming to Vietnam, with multiple purposes of course: traveling, living, or working. That, with the number of immigrants increasing each year, makes the real estate market hotter than ever.

Finding a house, or an apartment in Hanoi, is never that easy I may say. However, to find the exact place which satisfies serveral criteria at once, will trouble you more than you may think. Where do I live? How can I go to work? What if my family wants to come here living with me? Is it fine for my son to grow up in this city? Many questions to answer, and many responsibilities to be taken care of.

But fortunately, with rapid development, an apartment, pretty standard one, can help you deal with it pretty in a simple way: Extra services. I am not talking about the veterans who have been living here for years and can just manage renting or buying a house with ease, I am talking about those who have just arrived and are still in a culture shock. So, what is so tempting about an apartment and those extra services? We will find out below.

A minimart right on the first floor

Do you know the standard procedure for going to the market in Vietnam? You pick a big bag, spend 15 minutes, if unfortunately you live far away from the market, to just go to the market, spend another 20-30 minutes there to look around and find what you need, pay, and then spend another 15 minutes coming home. One hour, one valuable hour, just vanished in the blink of an eye.

Even for Vietnamese alone, it could be mundane and for many foreigners, it’s totally unenjoyable. Many apartment buildings offer a way to get rid of this time consuming procedure by having a minimart built in right on the first floor.

a pool in hanoi

Yes, you hear it right, it is right under your nose so instead of spending one hour strolling around in a huge market without any direction, now you can just get into the elevator, push the button to the first floor, get in the minimart, follow the signs to find what you need in 15 minutes, then get out.

In summer time, it is also a huge relief because they always install AC in minimart. The only downside of this is if you want some very unique and exotic stuff Vietnam has to offer, the minimart may not import it. But the point is, you don’t need that stuff too often either.

A pool just right over there

I am writing this article in the beginning of summer and it has already been 30 Celcius degree. It will deteriorate by the time we get to June, and a swimming pool is just like heaven on earth. You cannot disagree with me on this, can you?

Public swimming pools in Hanoi, despite of having a quite high rate for a ticket, are still swarmed with people in the summer. Beside, even equipped with modern technology, with that many people, it will be still hard to maintain a good hygiene level.

Lucky for us, high-quality apartment buildings can solve this issue. When renting one room in Time City or Royal City, you will also gain the access to their swimming pools instanly and freely. Without spending any extra fee, you can enjoy a big swimming pool any time, any season of the year. Some swimming classes for your kids also, but those won’t be free. Still, having a swimming pool just a couple of steps away is a big plus. An international school right around the corner

Language barrier is the main problem preventing many foreigners to stay in Vietnam for a long time but it’s not for them, it’s for their kids. Because of living in a foreign country, the kids have to adapt at their early ages, by mingling with other local kids and at the same time, still have the chance to communicate with their little countrymen.

Years ago, it was hard to find an international school, but throughout the years, many international schools have been built to serve a large number of foreign families wanting to stay in Vietnam. The best part is now, a large proportion of those schools are being integrated into apartment building areas. Apart from standard criteria for an international school such as: international and qualified teachers, international standards, high quality classrooms, libararies, etc, an integrated school has a big advantage of being close to your house, very close.


Buildings with children’s play areas in the city are always getting more attention. A spacious, comfortable play space right on the premises of the building without having to move too far.
Indoor and outdoor children’s play areas are arranged and equipped with healthy games to stimulate creativity and comprehensive movement for young children. With a system of diverse types of play, the play area is also where children as well as parents find out their children’s interests, strengths, passions and creativity.
With a large play space, many modern equipment, impressive colors will help residents’ children discover many new things outside, develop brain, absorb new knowledge. also increases their immunity significantly with active games at the play area.
At the same time, the entertainment area for children in the apartment buildings in Hanoi is always designed spaciously, cleanly, and comfortable, which is also a place where parents can choose to celebrate their birthday. Extracurricular activities for your children on special occasions, or an exciting birthday party.
Especially, the current urban areas are designed with lake regulating and many green landscapes around the water surface area is also very good for children to explore and learn outside nature through outdoor activities. lock up. Students can practice, learn to swim in the swimming pool area for children, learn the ecosystem around the lake, learn to rowing, learn about the animals around them …

Vui chơi lành mạnh sẽ giúp trẻ phát triển toàn diện (hình ảnh minh hoạ)

A trash disposer tunnel right outside

A small, but honorable mention. Traditional mean of disposing trash in Vietnam can frustrate even the most Vietnamese person. A trash collector comes near your house everyday at 5pm to collect your trash and sometime if you are not at home at 5pm, your trash will stay in your house for one more day. It is incovenient, unhygienic, and unnecessarily time consuming.

An apartment, almost every apartment, has a smarter and more modern mean of dealing with it. You will just to dumb your trash into a long tunnel covered by a metal door and it’s just right outside, often beside the door or on the floor landing.

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