Why do you need an agency to find an apartment for rent in Hanoi

Nguyen Anh Thu14/09/2019

When it comes to Hanoi housing, expats are often worried because of some difficulties while seeking rental housing such as small roads, ambiguous addresses and language barriers. With these difficulties, apartments that they find are often not as good as advertised and very expensive. To avoid such cases, you are recommended to seek help from a real estate agency for the following reasons.

Best agents to help you find your dream home

First, real estate agency staff that understand and know the streets very well. They are well trained and have certain skills to help you find the best apartments for rent in Hanoi that you can afford. For you to have the best experience, these staff will help you make a list of quality apartments in certain order to take you to see these apartments. The best and most suitable apartments for your needs will be seen first so that the process of finding a home will be less time-consuming. Don’t worry, because even if you can’t choose your own apartment, these employees will find you alternative options until you’re satisfied.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent will help you

Once you have found a suitable rental location, you will be assisted by the agent in making and signing the contract. Because it is possible that the landlord does not know English and the contract is written by the landlord in Vietnamese, the real estate agent is your savior. They will explain the details of the rent, deposits and other terms in the contract, which is very convenient for expats.

With years of experience in the field, our agents know how to connect and who to connect to help you find new properties for rent in case all the properties you like are all taken. Thanks to our experience too, expats would not have to worry about difficult landlords or tricky leasing terms. Our agents fully understand the situation and will always give you the best advice to meet your demands and fit the budget.

The network of listings and years of experience

How do you approach rental agents in Hanoi? Some people will answer that they found information about rental housing on websites with a lot of vacant rental apartments. It is the list of these vacancies that come from an agent’s system. Due to careful selection, the apartments on this list are mostly of good quality and affordable. Most of these apartments are fully equipped with furniture and important equipment such as desks, wardrobes, beds, washing machines, air-conditioners. You will only have to take your clothes with you to the apartment after signing the contract without having to purchase anything else.

Lease Agreement Hanoi housing

Lease Agreement Hanoi housing

Looking for real estate agents in Hanoi means you are using a service and if this is a service, there must be a fee paid. But please rest assured because at real estate agencies in Vietnam, we do not charge any fees to tenants. The service fee will be extracted from the rent you pay to the landlord. This means that the new landlord is the one who has to pay, not you.

Expats can find best apartments for rent in Hanoi at Alphahousing, the best rental site in Hanoi. Here, we provide the fastest service, helping you in every stage of the tenancy from finding typical apartments, going to the properties and completing contracts. All are done quickly to save your time.

Our next campaign will target more foreign customers who are working at new industrial zones in Ha Dong, Hoa Lac, Dong Anh, Long Bien, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong and so on. In the near future, we are planning to open five more offices around Hanoi city so that we can provide the best products in the best location for our customers.

If you want the best living experience in Hanoi with affordable fees, don’t hesitate to contact our agents or call the hotline. We’ll try our best to help you!