What to do when you’re an expat in Hanoi?

Nguyen Anh Thu23/08/2019

If someone ever set foot on Hanoi, it would be difficult to forget the beautiful sights, the pleasant and friendly smile, the unique dishes or the cool weather of Autumn. Not only the beauty of Hanoi, the opportunities in terms of occupation and finance here are also very charming for foreigners. They together will make those who have visited this land want to stay here to start a new life. But the case of an expat is far more different from that of an tourists, so what can you do if you’re an expat in Hanoi? The following article will discuss Hanoi housing, food and leisure locations.

Hanoi housing and what you should consider

With the population of more than 85,000 expats residing in Vietnam and many of them are in Hanoi, the demand for high-quality apartments, houses and villas for rent is surging, leading to a large and dynamic market of luxurious and high-class properties. In particular, the Vietnamese law has many positive open policies to help foreigners own real estate in Vietnam, which also has made a great impact on the domestic real estate market. Expatriates have decided to divert their permanent settlements in Vietnam instead of the intention of only going to work and exploring culture for a few years as originally.

Apartments for rent in Hanoi

Apartments for rent in Hanoi

As for the case of before, most expats prefer the life in the neighborhood resolving around West Lake area, but in the past few years, Ba Dinh, Dong Da and especially Nam Tu Liem have been a new trending home of foreigners including Koreans, Japanese and Singaporeans. In these districts, there are many high-end residential projects with beautiful locations, modern interior facilities and class amenities. Savills survey also showed that the rental price of apartments in this area is reaching the highest rental yield rate in the market. Expats living in their community can rest assured that the services and amenities have  included all that you need within your culture.

Culinary of fine dining and street food

Along with the formation of the international community in Hanoi, the development of the accompanying facilities such as European restaurants, late open bars, utility stores with imported goods, etc. has surged, making a cultural of fine dining with high standard.

Life in Hanoi

Life in Hanoi

However, expats can still enjoy the local tastes through many local markets, food stalls that can be found on any streets of Hanoi. Settling down in the apartment for rent in Hanoi, you can change your location regularly, hence enjoy the culinary of each different part of the city.

Entertainment spots for expats: Plenty of them

If you’re planning to stay in Hanoi for a while, there is no reason for you to skip the Old Quarters’ night market with plenty of diverse items with highly affordable prices. The Old Quarters’ night market often meets on the Friday night, Saturday and Sunday every week, on Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Hang Khoai streets to Hang Giay. Old Quarters’ night market is always bustling because of the charming ancient scenery and very familiar items of Vietnamese people, especially the rustic food.

Every evening on Ta Hien street, we can see crowded street and large groups of people coming to eat, drink beer and chat. On this beer street there are many restaurants and eateries from low price to luxury for you to choose. This is a place where not only Vietnamese guests but also foreign visitors come. If you are not sure where to go to play in Hanoi in the evening, go to Ta Hien beer street.

West Lake is an attractive entertainment venue in Hanoi with a variety of services ranging from shopping, and dining to exciting games. The interesting things to do in West Lake is to enjoy coffee on the sidewalks near water parks or along the lakeside of Thuy Khue. If you’re an expats in Hanoi, you should consider the prices of houses for rent in Hanoi, the food and the fun.