Vinhomes Gardenia: Superb residential areas to the West of Hanoi housing

Nguyen Anh Thu04/02/2020

With the expansion of the urban area in Hanoi and the increasing number of expats in this city, the demand for a high-class residential areas with top-notch quality is higher than ever. Among the projects in Hanoi housing market, Vinhomes Gardenia has it all of convenient location, luxurious services and the credit of top real estate development corporation, which will make it the dream home for expats.

Vinhomes Gardenia: Complex of multiple types of housing and facilities

Located on a large area in Cau Dien, Vinhomes Gardenia urban area is fully planned types of houses in a complex, bringing many choices for residents and investors. If the previous projects of Vingroup in Hanoi include only one type of housing such as villas in Vinhomes Riverside, apartments in Vinhomes Times City and Vinhomes Royal city, then with Vinhomes Gardenia, for the first time, Vingroup launched a complex of full housing products for residents. The promise of a new, modern and green city is about to be formed.

Should expats choose Vinhomes Gardenia Shophouse?

The commercial townhouse of Arcadia Shophouse consists of 69 units with luxurious architecture, wide frontage and reasonable pavement area to prioritize commercial purposes. Owners can freely create diverse living spaces and use the ground floor flexibly to open shops or rent offices, while still being able to live comfortably on the upper floors.

Vinhomes Gardenia

Vinhomes Gardenia Shophouse

Not only that, the Arcadia Shophouse also possesses outstanding commercial advantages thanks to being located next to 3 apartment buildings with more than 2,000 families and Vinschool schools, thus making the most of the crowded regular customers in this area to open English center, book store, fast-food shop, beauty salon, pediatric clinic, mini supermarket, etc.

The owner of Arcadia Shophouse also enjoys convenient life “one step to the street” with a Diversified utility system, including The Arcadia 50m long swimming pool, BBQ barbecue garden, yoga floor, tennis court, etc. Thanks to the supporting conditions and favorable Housing Law 2014  of Vietnam, expats with adequate papers and rights can now purchase and possess properties in Vietnam.

What are the reasons why you should choose luxurious apartments for rent Vinhomes Gardenia?

Each Vinhomes real estate product carries the breath of new, dynamic and modern life, and creates a new lifestyle for people with synchronous planning, quality housing, worthy services, and the utility system “All-in-one”, fresh environment and guaranteed security. All create an outstanding value system according to “Vinhomes standard”. Thanks to these superb features, many expats have chosen Vinhomes Gardenia apartments for rent as their home for their family, forming a strong and united the community of foreigners living in Hanoi.

Vinhomes Gardenia

Vinhomes Gardenia Apartments for rent

Who is the constructor for Vinhomes Villas for rent?

Located in the most central and poetic area, the project is spread along two main garden axes, The Botanica villas are the world’s leading units – West Green designed in neoclassical style with low construction density, security key to ensure private life, with romantic accents such as grass, water lily lake, flower hill, water square, children’s pool area and badminton court …

Privacy ensured when renting an apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia

With rigorous standards, Vinhomes’ security service not only ensures safety and regulation in urban areas but also helps residents avoid insecurities, and enjoy the perfect life. Coming to Vinhomes Gardenia project, residents are always satisfied with the security system to ensure that they can live in a clean and absolutely safe environment.

Thanks to the civilized community, the people living here respect one’s’ private life, and expats can rest assured that their lives will not be affected by others.

Another feature similar to Vinhomes Riverside urban area, Vinhomes Gardenia is not only equipped with modern equipment such as cameras, advanced nozzle systems, but also private elevators for residents and visitors. At Vinhomes Gardenia, front doors and apartment doors are equipped with cameras to recognize faces, voices and fingerprints to ensure the security of residents. People accidentally forgot or lost the keys can still open doors with voice and face.

All in all, life in Vinhomes Gardenia can offer you many choices to fulfill your life here in Hanoi.