Viet Nam Weather – Things To Know About Hanoi Weather

Nhung Kieu27/08/2020

Vietnam’s climate is considered the most characteristic in the world. No place has four distinct seasons as here. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, change each other. Coming to Vietnam no one can forget the climate here, especially the Hanoi weather. It makes you regress and flutter. The feeling right now is hard to describe

First-time visitors to Vietnam often get sick or have a headache. They said that after Vietnam was too harsh. It was hot in the morning, rainy in the afternoon, hot in the afternoon, sometimes cold. They call it post-season 4

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International visitors cannot help but be impressed with the land of Capital. It brings together ancient works, crowded alleys (with a life expectancy of hundreds of years), friendly and friendly people. Is there anything in Vietnam that you haven’t mentioned? That is the climate

Tourists come to Vietnam to visit the landscapes, enjoy food, cultural exchanges. Also experience the climate here. No one can forget the 4 seasons Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter in this land.

Spring in Viet Nam

Perhaps Spring is the most beautiful season in Vietnam. How much ink and paper poets, writers and artists describe spring. Spring represents proliferation and emergence. Trees and everything like shaking off old clothes. Instead, the shirts are new, fresher and more radiant than before.

Spring is the time when the most beautiful and attractive fruit of the year. Look at the blooming flowers, the green trees, All are vying with each other in the spring weather


The climate in Vietnam is most pleasant in the spring weather. The breeze was gentle, not too cold. The sun is gloomy, less dazzling. Add to that a hint of spring rain. The rain suddenly, uninterruptedly, as evoking someone’s feelings.

Spring rain makes people flutter. In such weather, you should choose a cafe to relax. Sip a cup of coffee, admire the scenery of Vietnam – is the best time. You will find your soul relieved and full of love. Feel the love of Hanoi weather every spring morning.

Viet Nam Summer

Referring to Vietnam summer, no one can forget its intense sun. Every time you go out, everyone is covered. Now hat, sunscreen, mask, sunglasses. The goal is to avoid the harsh sunlight here.

Despite knowing that Vietnam summer is so tiring. But everyone is looking forward to the summer. This is the busiest and busiest season of the year. Vietnam’s shops are full of people every summer. Entertainment center is always overloaded.

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The street at night in Vietnam is sparkling with lights. The influx of people just to the street just for fun eating and drinking. It is not wrong to say that Vietnam is the most beautiful at night. You will see the most interesting things on the land of the Capital, when the sun goes to sleep. Street culture began to appear. Food, music, goods sprung together. All hands are welcoming customers.

Viet Nam Autumn

Referring to the fall of Vietnam no one can forget its “sadness”. Poems and music pieces written in autumn are so moody. Maybe autumn is the season of deciduous. It evokes the loneliness and loneliness of each person.

The climate in Vietnam is the most gloomy in the fall. But also the most lyrical and romantic season of the year. The autumn weather is dry and cold. Not so good for him with ear, nose and throat disease. That said, everyone likes autumn very much.

Autumn is the season of loving couple. They were afraid, the love was together – their feelings of love surged. Couples often complete cafes as a place to stop. They come here to talk and share the joys and sorrows. More important is to confess to each other.

Ngắm Hà Nội vào thu đẹp đến nao lòng - Báo Pháp Luật Việt Nam

International visitors are impressed with the Vietnam autumn. The weather was cool, the autumn wind mellowed softly, whispering softly in the visitors’ ears, the trees dressed in yellow shirts, gradually falling to the ground. The streets of Vietnam are full of pictures of fallen leaves. So romantic and emotional.

Winter in Viet Nam

Winter in Vietnam is cold and wet. Does the cold to cut flesh cut you down? No, the autumn of Vietnam is also very beautiful. Vietnam is more still in the winter

Vietnamans seem to be slow and slow in the winter. Perhaps the cold weather made them so. Although the winter is cold, there is a part of love. Winter comes, everyone wants to gather with the family. They do not want to go anywhere but their home.

If you look closely, you will see: Vietnam is the most deserted in the winter. Each winter morning is cold and lonely. The sky is covered with white mist, the dew is still standing on the leaves, the lake surface is calm and quiet. Sometimes the winds are cold, making us agitated and hard to describe. All show what is special in Hanoi weather. It is true that the beauty of a thousand years of civilization.

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Climate Vietnam has its own unique characteristics. It is completely different from the South and the Central of the country. Already in Vietnam, you will feel the love here. 4 seasons in Vietnam bring many interesting experiences. You do not easily encounter it in other regions. Spring, summer, autumn, winter each season a unique beauty. But it all hides the love of Vietnam people.