Top 5 apartments with the most beautiful campus in Hanoi

Nhung Kieu28/04/2022

1. Sunshine City

Sunshine City Hanoi was built on the southern bank of the Red River, inheriting and converging all the beauties that nature bestows with a fresh and airy living environment.

From Sunshine City Tay Ho project, residents can easily move to arterial roads such as: Lac Long Quan, Vo Chi Cong, Nhat Tan Bridge, Thang Long Bridge, Pham Van Dong, convenient transportation. to West Lake, Red River, the center of Hanoi capital…

Sunshine City Hanoi apartment building is invested and built with streamlined utilities, like a 5-star standard resort, meeting the needs of rest, fun and relaxation of all ages such as: The reading garden themed by each season; Vertical green garden; Olympic standard infinity pool (50m x 12m) on the 5th floor; Unique ladder system serving residents’ exercise needs: Calorine burning steps; Garden BBQ; The observatory; Greenhouse for events; 4 floating floors connecting all 6 buildings…

Sunshine City Hanoi apartment building offers residents a resort-style life – Green – Safety – Convenience and high community. With a construction rate of only 23.3%, the rest will be used for trees, amusement parks and many other utilities.

With the green color covering the project, Sunshine City is a pure natural area embracing top-notch amenities, a first-class place for the choice to enjoy daily life with green spaces along with the wind. fresh on the banks of the Red River.

2. Ciputra

Located on the windy West Lake, the most classy urban area in the capital CIPUTRA


owns an ecological space completely separate from the dense dust network outside. CIPUTRA urban area is the perfect symbol of a livable metropolis in the heart of Hanoi, with impressive natural green color.

Contrary to the hustle and bustle of Hanoi’s streets outside, CIPUTRA brings a calm and fresh space with green colors of trees, clouds and sky, creating a civilized and modern lifestyle. from within the “living matter”. The project is built on a large scale of 301 hectares, with 77 hectares dedicated to fresh green space. CIPUTRA has created a high-class green space with 50.8 hectares of trees and 36.1 hectares of regulating lakes and lakes. Dubbed the “green lung” of the urban area, the lake at CIPUTRA is built with a system of luxurious and classy materials, bringing a green architecture in the heart of the city.

At CIPUTRA urban area, the beauty of nature always blends with the beauty of architecture with rows of green trees and small flowers running around the apartment buildings and villas. Green space here has become an invisible link between people and nature, people with people, creating a multi-faceted living space.

3. Vinhomes Riverside

Leading in the trend of creating a classy environment for the elite, Vinhomes Riverside is planned according to the unique “river city” model of Venice – Italy. Possessing a large area in the territory of 4 wards Viet Hung, Phuc Loi, Phuc Dong and Sai Dong, Long Bien District, Hanoi, the urban area is located at the busy gateway to the east of the capital.

Vinhomes Riverside is one of the rare luxury real estate projects that owns a class “eco-standard” living space in Hanoi – where the design is harmonious and balanced with nature, bringing residents Friendly life, close to nature.

Specifically, the urban area has a large green area, with an area of ​​up to 100 hectares, prominent of which is a 12.4-hectare regulating lake and an ecological river stretching 18.6 km. With this plan, each resident living in Vinhomes Riverside can enjoy a green density of 60 – 70m2/person. This is the unique point of Vinhomes Riverside, and at the same time, something that no other project in Vietnam possesses.

4. Vinhomes Smart City

With a large area, Central Park and Vinhomes Smart City Japanese Garden bring tranquility and relaxation, converging all the long-standing cultural quintessence of Japan. In other words, if Central Park and Sportia Park are places to exercise and absorb positive energy, then Zen Park is the perfect Vinhomes Smart City outdoor utility for lounging, sightseeing and a medicine for a healthy soul. strong. Vinhomes Smart City is an outdoor super-utility Vinhomes Smart City with a series of 16 rich themes, helping Vinhomes Smart City to be confirmed as “The urban area with the most diverse central park with sports themes in Vietnam”.

That massive system of sports facilities can satisfy all the experience needs of population groups, from challenging extreme sports to limit yourself to “static” sports areas. relaxing substances such as nourishment, fishing, chess… from individual practice experiences to collective activities.

On the other hand, it plays an important role in creating a green space for the capital in general and the West project in particular: the green of the largest artificial white sand lake in the West region, the green of the garden covering the entire urban area. and the blue of the endless sky. For that reason, Central Park is considered as the “lungs” of the smart city Vinhomes Smart City, bringing nature’s breath into harmony with daily life.

5. Vinhomes Ocean Park

The Vinhomes Ocean Park project appeared on the capital’s real estate map, owning a “huge” area of ​​420ha, bringing a true green life to the people of the capital right in the heart of the city.

The megacity has a construction density of only 19%, the rest of the area is for parks, trees and water. In particular, the investor Vinhomes plans the project in the direction that each subdivision has its own green area and iconic landscape, making the distance between the buildings clear, the apartments are capable of receiving natural light. nature and cool wind.
Vinhomes Ocean Park is a salt water lake with 1-0-2 in the whole country. With an area of ​​up to 6.1 hectares, the project was honored by the Vietnam Record Organization as “the largest saltwater lake in Vietnam” on December 24, 2019.

BBQ parks are built by the investor along the central lake, in order to create a spacious space, suitable for a large number of participants – divided into different groups. Thereby, residents can organize weekend parties or meetings with friends on special occasions without worrying about crowding or losing privacy.