Times City Park Hill: Where the best become better

Nguyen Anh Thu04/02/2020

Among many projects of Hanoi housing, Vinhome Time City Park Hill lies within the Times City Residential area of vibrant lives and luxurious services, and it provides one of the best lifestyles in Hanoi, Vietnam, leading to a high demand of rental property for expat in this area. Following the success of the first phase of Times City urban area, Vingroup officially launched phase 2: Park Hill Times City with the idea of a high-class, Singapore-style eco-urban area that lives up to the slogan of “Urban resort within the city”. Products of this phase two received much attention from the investors and now are provided to the leasing market.

Location of convenience and high community in Times City Park Hill

Located in the most livable urban area in Vietnam – Times City, Vinhomes Times City – Park Hill PREMIUM inherits a golden position right at the Southeast Gate of the Capital, which is about 4km to the South of Hoan Kiem Lake, near Vinh Tuy bridge and conveniently connected with the western gateway to the center of the city (Nga Tu So) by a modern expressway system.

Vinhome Time City Park Hill

Vinhome Time City Park Hill

Speaking of the prime location of Times City Park Hill, it is impossible not to mention the location of the southeast gate of Hanoi – an extremely favorable location in connecting the inner districts as well as the southern provinces nearby.

Apartment for rent in Times City Park Hill: Perfect for Expats

Times City Park Hill apartment has an outstanding smart design. All apartment buildings that have been brought to the market by investors Vingroup are highly appreciated by residents and experts about the outstanding advantages in design, bringing nature into every room in the apartment, while ensuring ensure luxury and class as inherent goals of Vingroup.

Times City Park Hill Hanoi apartments for rent, though always open to welcome space filled with light and wind, still ensure a private and isolated life. This is very suitable for expats that do not want their lives to be disturbed. Each rental apartment at Times City Park Hill has a structure of 2 bedrooms or more with an extremely reasonable area, suitable for rented expats, and suitable for rented families.

System of Luxurious and High Class Service

About Park Hill Times City, in addition to outstanding advantages in apartment design, people often think of a diverse system of utility services to meet the needs of all generations here. This residential area not only serves living facilities and entertainment needs but also aims to satisfy high-level needs in the health and spiritual care of the people. Park Hill residents will enjoy a “real Singapore” life with excellent services and facilities, with a green space for the elderly, a square area and the first large-scale water fountain in Hanoi for children; bustling shopping street and outdoor cafe area with free wifi for active residents.

Vinhome Time City Park Hill

Vinhome Time City Park Hill

The residents who love sports will also be satisfied with the maximum passion with many choices: basketball, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, etc. All are well-invested and built according to international standards. An outstanding feature that only Vinhomes Times City Park Hill has is the BBQ garden for outdoor barbecue parties. Along with Vong Canh hill, BBQ garden will facilitate organizing picnics in the heart of the urban area. A complete green life, both enjoying nature and not far away from the active and modern living facilities is the gift that the investor gives to customers through choosing the model “Urban resort within the city” for Vinhomes Times City. This is also a new trend, being favored in modern urban areas in the world.

If expats choose Park Hill Time City as your destination for your journey in Vietnam, you have come to the right place of great lifestyle, prime location and high-class amenities.