King Palace – Where kings live

Nhung Kieu06/12/2021


In the midst of a modern and dynamic capital, King Palace apartment for lease is proudly present, a symbol of a prosperous, successful and fulfilling community.
King Palace has completed, full legal conditions for lease.

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108 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
King Palace has a perfect location on Nguyen Trai Street – the radial axis of the capital, the location of the “gateway” to the west of Hanoi, at the intersection between Thanh Xuan and Dong Da districts.

Nguyen Trai Street – where the project is located – has a cross section of up to 40m wide, 8 lanes for traffic. Right in front of King Palace is the Cat Linh – Ha Dong elevated railway. King Palace is also next to Thuong Dinh station and near the ring road 3. The project is also next to the pedestrian bridge over Nguyen Trai Street.

Only within a radius of 1km around the project, a series of external utilities such as the education system at all levels, from public, private to international schools; high-quality hospitals and clinics; amusement parks, commercial centers, parks… all exist.


Total number of apartments: 410 units
Area: From 81sqm- 126sqm -259sqm; from 02 – 03 – 05 -06 bedrooms
Outstanding utility services: overhead swimming pool, gym, international preschool, commercial – service center.

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi

Advantages of staying at a high-class apartment – high floor

Scientists from the University of Bern (Switzerland) had a study on the benefits of living in high-rise apartments. Accordingly, people living on high floors will often have better health and longevity. With its superior location in the area, homeowners will avoid the maximum impact from noise as well as dust from the road surface below. Along with that, possessing the ideal height, these apartments also avoid the influence of insects or molds that are harmful to human health.

Besides, the more you live on high floors, the more homeowners have the opportunity to receive maximum natural energy. Sunlight can enter many window frames in the house, the air circulation speed is faster, the ventilation efficiency also becomes better.

Not only that, choosing to live in high-rise apartments also helps homeowners own unlimited open vision. This is considered one of the greatest advantages of high-rise apartments. As a result, residents significantly reduce the stress and fatigue of daily life, the brain will be rested, the sleep becomes deeper and better.

In particular, with apartment projects in the inner city, owning high-rise apartments will give owners not only a perfect view, not covered by buildings, surrounding obstacles but It also provides a “quiet enough” space in the middle of busy streets.

With the above advantages, high-rise apartments have been and are the choice of a large number of customers, especially those who are successful, have good finances, love a modern, classy and private life. .

King Palace introduces the apartment fund ‘Perfect high floor – eye-catching view’

Understanding the desire for a high-class residence, inner city location, both meeting the privacy factor and having the ideal panorama view of a modern customer, Alpha Housing real estate Hanoi Company launched a special apartment fund at the King Palace project. It is a fund with a height from floors 16 to 33A. The most expensive highlight of the apartment on this floor is the perfect view. In any space in the apartment, the owner will also be able to see the whole world, nature and everything.

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi

Choosing King Palace as a place to live, you not only have a beautiful view of the whole city, but also enjoy the privilege of living with a high-class modern internal utility service system. In addition, the apartments here are smartly designed, from 81 to 126sqm to help owners easily arrange into many functional spaces, while ensuring privacy, comfort and creating cohesion and warmth. worship in the rhythm of modern life.

Long term rental
Apartment 01 bedroom, 82 sqm, rent from 1000$/month
02 bedroom apartment, 82-94 sqm, rent from: 1200$/month
03-bedroom apartment, 105-125 sqm, rent from: $1,500/month
Apartment 05.06 bedrooms, 210-259 sqm, rent from 3500$/month