Consulting procedure from real estate agents – Alphahousing

Nguyen Anh Thu04/02/2020

When residing in Hanoi, some expats can have free time to find their best apartments but some don’t, and the best solution for this is real estate agents. There are several agencies in Hanoi that provide full information of Hanoi housing and properties for rent, and they all work in accordance to a procedure. As a tenant, you should know the process and best prepare for it.

Determining the needs of customers

Each tenant comes to an agency with different search and they are advised by the real estate agents to carefully consider all of their budget and requirements, which are the key features for the agents to find the suitable property for them. For example, the agents can only find a studio or a one-bedroom apartment with poor facility for a low budget, but they can find one luxurious Hanoi apartment for rent at the center of Hanoi with larger amount of money. With those needs and budget sketched out, the agents will not have to waste time consulting, and then easily find one place that fit tenants the most.

Choosing the best apartments for you


When having a list of available properties fitting your requirements and budget provided by the agent, expats have to carefully choose the most convenient one in terms of transportation, amenities, community and so on. The best idea would be that you compare the above features and choose the best one. Normally, the agents will give you 3-4 places to choose from (with the same price range of course). With the price left out, now tenants should determine what feature is the most important to them. If it is transportation, the central districts are strongly recommended because it is not only easier to get to work, it is also very fast to get to leisure places. If it is the amenities, you should choose a place that is inside residential areas with tons of services ranging from international schools for your kids, international hospital, swimming pools, dines and wines, etc.

Checking out the apartments that you chose

On the list of the apartments for rent in Hanoi, visit the one that you like best first to save your time. However, you should remember that the apartments you chose only came in pictures. When checking out the place, there are a lot of things you should ask such as the electricity and water price, the conditions of the heater and the AC, the sewage system, etc. You would not want to spend a fortune just to fix those. If you are not so sure about this property, feel free to visit another one, this is strongly encouraged by professional agents because their purpose is to find the most suitable place for you, not to rush you into renting the first one you see.


Signing the contract

After finding the apartment that you like best, it is recommended that you should sign the lease contract right away. Although you would not need a lawyer to represent you in the contract, you should carefully read it to understand all the fees, your responsibility when renting the place and the landlord’s responsibility when leasing the place. If you truly pay attention to these features, there will not be any problems during your time living here. One more important thing is the papers that you need in order to be able to rent the property according to the laws of Vietnam.

Come to real estate agency, you will not have to waste your time wandering around to find your dream home. Plus, the consulting fees are normally free. To update the latest information, please visit: