Nhung Kieu02/12/2021

2021 marks the opening of Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway projects. The project spanning Hanoi brings many benefits to urban areas.

Since its commencement in 2011, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong urban railway has received a lot of attention, support and anticipation from the people of Hanoi. Because coming here, when this railway comes into operation, it will contribute to making the capital’s environment cleaner, people travel more convenient and there are many other benefits.
Located at 29 Lieu Giai – Kim Ma, Vinhomes Metropolis project is one of the Vinhomes projects that owns a beautiful location in the Ba Dinh district area with the advantage of connectivity and transportation. A special feature is that the project is located near the completed Metro Cat Linh – Ha Dong elevated railway line

Along with the advantage of location, since the project connects easily with neighboring areas, different districts in the inner city of Hanoi and the system of external utilities, the addition of an elevated railway line supports in traffic will again increase the convenience of residents’ movement.

At the route, there will be many stations and many stops, in addition, the railway lines will link together at the main stations to form a highway network that will help traffic throughout the city become extremely convenient. The speed of the tram will reach 100km/h and every 5-10 minutes there will be trains coming alternately and continuously.

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Thus, for customers who work at locations far apart, it will normally take time to travel plus the time of traffic jams during peak hours, then traveling by high-speed train will be reduced. that time, saving a lot of time compared to going by motorbike or car during rush hour. In addition, the ticket price here is also set quite reasonable by the state, there will be a separate monthly ticket to provide maximum support to the people of Hanoi city.

Flexible payment methods

One of the new and most prominent features of the Cat Linh railway project is that the payment method is used more flexibly, the fare is also adjusted to suit the interests of the vast majority of people.

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It is expected that there will be 3 types of tickets applied by month, day and turn.

  • The daily ticket price is 30,000 VND/person, unlimited number of trips on the route. That is, in one day, passengers can board and disembark comfortably at no additional cost.
  • The monthly ticket price is 200,000 VND/person. As for the one-way ticket price, it is calculated according to the distance traveled by the passenger, of which the maximum is 15,000 VND, applicable to the whole route and the lowest is 8,000 VND, for the shortest distance. In particular, the ticket can be paid by cash or bank card.

With the conveniences that the route brings to the people of Hanoi, during this time, Vinhomes projects will receive a lot of attention from customers because of their prime location and convenient transportation. To capture rental information at real estate near Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway, customers can monitor the website regularly and update the latest news.