Hanoi has 12 flower seasons

Nhung Kieu18/03/2024

Seasonal tourism has long been a trend and a favorite for many people. Each land, each passing season of flowers not only creates an opportunity for you to admire the colorful scenery of heaven and earth but also helps you to keep a precious moment. Coming to Hanoi, you cannot miss places like Hoan Kiem Lake, One Pillar Pagoda, West Lake, or the Old Quarter. If you have had the opportunity to travel to Hanoi once, you certainly cannot forget the feeling of watching the flower season in the old town.

There are 12 months in a year, 12 kinds of flowers bring on the tender and tender beauty of Hanoi. A poetic street with falling petals covering the way back. Unconsciously realizing that the corner of the street you pass by is brilliant when you know the flower season is coming.

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After days of humid late spring and early summer, Hanoi will become brilliantly beautiful in the early summer sun. Traveling to Hanoi at the time of the changing seasons, you will be able to comfortably watch flowers blooming only one season per year. It is no coincidence that April of Hanoi is known as “flower month” or “flower season”. When April comes, Hanoi is brilliant with a variety of flowers, from the melon flower, the rice flower, the carnation flower … to the lilies, each having a different meaning.
Alphahousing.vn will lead you to the flower seasons of Hanoi.

January – January Hoa Dao bloom

January is the starting month of the year and is also the time when the family prepares to welcome the traditional Vietnamese New Year. In January, the cherry blossoms bloomed in full bloom in the vast North Vietnamese sky. Every spring in the North of Vietnam is not noisy, hustle and bustle, but very shy and pink in color. Old bicycles are walking around the streets. Seeing the delicate petals fluttering in the dust rain, people suddenly feel flustered because spring has started to knock on every house. Stunning from the street to the house in Hanoi.

February – Hoa Ban overwhelmed, purple faces of the street

Next February, call the flower season again, bring the Northwest spring to the capital.
The peach color has not faded yet, the purple flower color is about to return. That light, pristine, dotted between the vast mountains and forests of the Northwest, nowhere again, dotted a little dreaming for Hanoi Citadel.

The legend of this flower is associated with a beautiful girl named Ban, who skillfully has a singing voice that is passionate about the jungle, so many boys fall in love, but Ban falls in love with a poor boy. clever. Ban’s family is rich, so they do not accept the boy, they try to prevent and divide the couple. Unbearable separation, the two have to flee hoping to live happily together. He and she died when love was incomplete, she transformed into a plant for pure white flowers. People took her name for that flower and from then on the story of flowers bearing their passionate love lives forever in the hearts of the Northwestern people.
For the Northwestern people, flowers symbolize fidelity and the pure white beauty of a girl. Hoa Ban brings the image of a youthful, passionate dream.

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March – Suddenly one day, Hoa Sua comes here

In March, suddenly a pure white rose flower came here. Saying goodbye to springtime, perhaps the flower color of Hanoi is still not over, still passionate and passionate; After spring days, the flower season returns to Hanoi a peaceful and spacious feature like clouds and sky. Drop down the street and notice the white “mist” on the branches and corners.

That is when the wildflowers begin to bloom, there is such a “mistake” because the milk is pure white, making it look like dry snow, flowers. In the rainy season, visitors can easily step foot on the white “milk” carpet and when standing under the white blooming melon trees will have a strange feeling.

The flowers are beautiful, but the flower season is short, blooming very quickly, but also quickly fades. Maybe after just one night; the flowers bloom white as an unexpected gift. But then it quickly fell down with the wind and spring rain; giving way to the green leaves.

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April – Loa Ken is fragile, the corner is familiar

Wandering on the street corners, the road along with Ha Thanh in April, it is not difficult to see the fragile trumpets; a picture of nostalgic Hanoi with a white ao dai and trumpet colors. Perhaps the moment the season’s change, Hanoi becomes more and more intense, the red heart burns with the color of phoenix flowers. Hanoi has never had such a typical feature for the whole country; A season apart, but always warm, sad and happy, happy old students.

April comes back, mixed with the summer song when cars are full of trumpets roaming the streets of Kinh land. These days, everyone seems to want to be less in a hurry, stop by the side of the load, choose to buy flowers with fragile white color and pure fragrance.

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Flowering season in May – Phuong Hong

In Hanoi, there are many colorful phoenix flower streets, including many ancient phoenix trees in the parks. Hanoi has both the Phuong Hong (crimson red) and the Phuong Tim (Da Lat), creating a unique and colorful phoenix here.
Every year, when the summer comes, Phuong’s flowers bloom red, full of beautiful trees. When summer passed, people saw on the branches again appeared long phoenixes like the swords of the five sons who killed the evil enemy from before.

Phuong Vi Hoa is a special flower of school age, exam season and goodbye season. The phoenix wings blooming bright red in the sky of Hanoi, sobbing the hearts of students or those who have passed through those dreaming ages. Summer comes is also the time when Hoa Phuong Vi stars burning brightly in the summer sun, making Hanoi even more beautiful.
On the two sides of Hoan Kiem lake, the middle part of Dinh Tien Hoang street is a place with a mausoleum and Phuong Hong each summer. The phoenixes are like a flaming fire in the sky, falling pink phoenix wings, reddening the road, making the students’ hearts flutter. The guestbook of the student forced the phoenix flower to store memories of a student’s time.

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Fragrant West Lake, Hoa Sen in June

“In what is as beautiful as a lotus pond, green leaves and white flowers are crowded with yellow stigmas.” Every June, the Sen’s flower blooms with a fragrant, rustic aroma. Visitors will admire the lofty beauty, seductive, full of love like Vietnamese people. For those who love flowers, especially the Sen, it is impossible to ignore the delicate flower bouquets as gifts and enjoy the wonderful Sen tea, sweet fragrant views of the peaceful West Lake.

In order to get the fresh and beautiful bouquets of flowers, Sen-pickers have to wake up early, skillfully maneuver in the lake, choose to pick each flower. Hoa Sen is cut into bundles, each bundle of dozens of flowers, roaming the bicycles as a highlight of summer in Ha Thanh. Elegant Sen in the middle of the earth, idyllic lotus, pure and shy lotus in the arms of a young woman. The Sen season comes, no matter how indifferent you are, you should also try to go to the Sen lake, to enjoy the Sen scent, make a pot of sweet Sen tea and watch a peaceful West Lake.

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Flooded aisle, Hoa Sau – July

One day we drove around on Phan Dinh Phung Street and saw tiny flowers on the sidewalk. Apparently, the Hoa Sau season came. Each patch of dazzling golden sunlight stretches across the arches of the old tree, the moss-colored roofs with silver-colored eagle are the time to signal the blooming season of Hoa Sau. July came in the persistent rain, bringing the tiny Hoa Sua to fall.

In the early morning, a little sunlight shines on the old Hoa Sau, highlighting the tiny flower clusters like pearls in the sky. The scent and color of Hoa Sau are not noble, ecstatic, but still exuding a seductive charm. Along Tran Phu, Phan Dinh Phung, Le Hong Phong, Ba Trieu, around Hoan Kiem Lake, Trang Thi …, the green color of the Hoa Sau rows evokes the distinctive character of Hanoi’s streets.

Hanoi has Hoa Sau, Hanoians have corners of childhood memories associated with that pure flower. The childhood of the children in that street was to run to the root of Hoa Sau, pick up the tiny crocodile flowers and thread them in long chains, put their heads on, make necklaces, and wear bracelets. Adults put a child’s table next to the old wall, sipping a cup of warm tea, chatting while watching the falling crocodile wings, recalling the past years, time seemed like a broken memory, only the flowers were still intact for the reminder.

Hoa Sau have a very strange fragrance. The taste of sweet and sweet like honey, the scent of young crocodile leaves is gentle and perhaps somewhere else there is Hanoi flavor. All are gentle, just enough to hold the footsteps of people.

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Returning to childhood, Hoa Xoan – August

When the typical heavy showers of the coming summer soak the ground, it will be the time of the full bloom of Hoa Xoan. The flowers form into tiny, pure white clusters and rise up to the sky on Hanoi street every August. Every time the wind blows, the little Hoa Xoan fall, the whole road looks so attractive, soothing the heat of summer.

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Hoa Sua – passionate September

Referring to the autumn of Hanoi, people often immediately remember Hoa Sua. Light yellow flower clusters also have a rich scent that has naturally gone into songs about Hanoi.

Autumn seems to be the most beautiful and profound season of the land of thousands of years of civilization, the earth is more intense with the smell of falling Hoa Sua. From Hanoi people to tourists coming to Hanoi, Hoa Sua has never known itself to become familiar, close to everyone. Wherever you are, in any province, whenever you smell the scent of Hoa Sua, you will suddenly remember about Hanoi and flutter in your heart.

Autumn, the Hoa Sua comes about as an appointment every year. On the road, I suddenly heard the scent of Hoa Sua. Suddenly looking up at the row of Hoa Sua along with the church, the flowers were blooming white whenever. The scent of Hoa Sua is gentle but also very strong.

Hoa Sua becomes a part of Hanoi, it is close and familiar to everyone. Almost every street has a few Hoa Sua. Quietly nestled beside the old mother-of-pearl trees, or humbly on a small street corner, quietly letting go of incense under the golden light of high-pressure lamp every night … heart “many people because of their enthusiasm. Because there are people who love so much that they bring flowers in long lines on many streets.

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Autumn has come, October- Hoa Cuc season comes

In autumn, the Hoa Cuc come – flowers of autumn only bring the sad vibe of the days about to turn cold. Yellow Hoa Cuc like gathering all the remaining late summer sun, flimsy white Hoa Cuc, bringing the very characteristic “Autumn” of Hanoi.
When the Hoa Cuc season begins to signal Hanoi to winter, the monsoons come, soon overwhelming the whole world.

The lovely white Hoa Cuc with golden pistil spots is interspersed among other flowers in the basket on the bicycle, bringing the gentle winter on each street. In the midst of a noisy and bustling metropolis, people can only feel the pristine beauty, the rustic and the strangely peaceful.
Walking under the trees on Hanoi routes, visitors will find the cool autumn air blending with the bright yellow of beautiful chrysanthemums, adorning the city with more charm. Plump, newly bloomed flower buds on dark green leaves gently scent left an indelible mark in the heart of the traveler when once crossed the street.

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Faithful, loyal, Thach Thao – November

Thach Thao, also known as Luu Ly, is a flower that usually blooms in the late autumn days. At this time, throughout the streets of Hanoi, Thach Thao the footsteps of street vendors carrying their own idyllic beauty shining in a corner of the sky. If you have the opportunity to come to the capital in autumn, do not forget to wander the small streets to enjoy the fragrance, color and taste of Hanoi’s autumn and also do not forget to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the Northern Autumn day as your gift or my loved ones.

Thach Thao on the baskets of the car, flowers pass through the street in cold days. To many people, this fragile purple flower symbolizes fidelity. The breeze season is only about two weeks in full bloom and then disappears before the chilly winds of winter sweep through the empty streets.

The little gerbera that mentions its English name is even more interesting: “Forget me not” – Please don’t forget me. The name alone is enough to see the rusticness filled with separation sadness but strangely seductive. This beautiful flower also has its own legend and people believe that it symbolizes fidelity. Before the cold winds of winter are coming, the fragile petals on the street are in full bloom with beautiful pride, making passersby unable to hold back but to watch.

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Bright late winter, Hoa Cai – December

Hanoi has a special season alternating between cold overcast winter days: the season of Hoa Cai. At the end of November, Hoa Cai began to bloom, and in December, the mustard greens began to glow in a corner of the sky, swaying in the wind. Some people say Hoa Cai is a country flower, so simple that it is often forgotten, blooms by itself, dies on its own, but perhaps few people know that that countryside has associated with the childhood of many generations of Vietnamese people…

Winter Hanoi, no matter how cold it is, does not lose the luster of golden wealth. Along the rivers of Hanoi, we find there a brilliant yellow of Hoa Cai fields. Is that a hidden beauty in Hanoi – a beauty that overcomes waves and storms to rise, to radiate fragrance for life? Hanoians too, no matter how difficult they are, they are still happy, still strong in fighting life. Twelve flowering seasons, twelve currents flow through Hanoi and twelve wonderful things that build a separate Hanoi in the midst of five continents. Those things make Hanoi a more powerful attraction than ever, arousing desires to be once witnessed, once to fully contemplate those twelve flower seasons.

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The flower seasons in Hanoi are enough to make others feel nostalgic and flustered. Each flower has its own charm and specialties. They appear to beautify life. Come to Hanoi to catch up with the beautiful moments of those flowers.

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