Top 3 luxurious apartment buildings in Hai Ba Trung District

Nguyen Anh Thu24/08/2019

If you are looking for Hanoi housing with fine apartments, there is an area that you should pay special attention to, and that is Hai Ba Trung District. When it comes to the life in Hanoi, people often think of the dynamic, modern and energetic vibe of Hoan Kiem District at the heart of this capital city; however, besides Tay Ho, the most chosen place is Hai Ba Trung District. Here with Alphahousing you can find luxurious apartment in Hai Ba Trung District.

What can you find in Hai Ba Trung District?

Hai Ba Trung District is one of the central districts of Hanoi with a large, densely populated area and booming development. The investment in this area is mainly with many urban areas and busy commercial centers such as Times City, Green Pearl Minh Khai urban area, etc. Hai Ba Trung District is also the place where many famous universities are located such as  National Economics University, Civil Engineering University, Polytechnic University, etc.

One feature making this the favorable home for many expats in Vietnam is that this area has a lot of lakes and parks, creating green landscapes for the city. In these landscapes, there are many activities for people held every year, creating a common point of community where people participate in cultural and sports events.

apartment for rent in Hai Ba Trung

Dynamic life in Hai Ba Trung District – Hanoi housing

Hai Ba Trung district is growing, which is the place where busy business activities take place. Many office buildings and apartments are built to meet the needs of working and accommodation for people. To meet the housing demand of many expats in this developing districts, many of the luxurious apartment buildings are constructed, coming along with large number of amenities and facilities. The district has synchronous planning of services for life such as schools, hospitals, administrative agencies. There are also many international schools that can be of great benefit for expats and their children.

The demand for rental housing in this area is extremely big due to the number of students and workers from all over the country studying and working here, plus the increasing community of expats. This is also the area where many foreigners live to facilitate their work or university students in Vietnam.

Superb apartment buildings in Hai Ba Trung District

Why should expats live in Park Hill Times City?

Park Hill Times City with the idea of ​​a high-class, Singapore-style eco-urban area and the standard of a “resort in urban center” is the ideal home of many expats in Hanoi in general and in Hai Ba Trung District in particular. The place inherits the golden position right at the southeast gate of the capital. Along with that is the system of utilities, outstanding landscapes and the one-of-the-kind “smart apartments” which can optimize your living space with sound and light control system.

apartment for rent in Hai Ba Trung

Park Hill Times City – Eco-urban area

The apartments for rent in Park Hill Times City is optimized for large living space and usability. All rooms in the apartment have a bright and open space receive all the  wind and natural light. The design will also increase safety and security for residents with 2 separate halls with elevator system for each hall. The outdoor swimming pool with 80 meters long are also available for residents.

What are the best features of Hoang Thanh Plaza?

Located at 114 Mai Hac De Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Hoang Thanh Tower offers the excitement and facilities in the central area of ​​the capital such as commercial centers, schools and parks with very convenient traffic location.

With elegant and luxurious design style, luxury apartments for rent in Hoang Thanh Plaza are expected to be the first choice of foreign tenants or owners with sophisticated and classy tastes. The common feature is full of natural light, each apartment has its own unique, and convenient features, suitable to the requirements and preferences of each person. The project is equipped with outstanding facilities such as a fitness center, a four-season swimming pool or a sauna and spa area. In addition, Hoang Thanh Tower also has an area reserved for offices and commercial centers.

Why is Hoa Binh Green City a good choice for expats?

Hoa Binh Green City Apartment is a complex of commercial, service and luxury apartments at 505 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. With class design and unique architectural style combining first class facilities in Hanoi, it is expected to be the most modern apartment area and create a special attraction in the high-end apartment segment in Hai Ba Trung district as well as in Hanoi city.

apartment for rent in Hai Ba Trung

Hoa Binh Green City – For your ideal life in Vietnam

Hoa Binh Green City Apartment is located on the arterial traffic route into the city center. From the project location can easily connect to the surrounding areas of Hoan Kiem Lake to the south and the East bank of Red River.

Hoa Binh Green City owns such a convenient traffic location that from the project you can easily connect with many important roads of Hanoi, as well as access to social facilities such as schools, hospitals, parks, amusement parks, commercial centers, etc.

All in all, apartment for rent in Hai Ba Trung is the perfect place for expats who want to enjoy the energetic life but do not fancy the hustle and bustle of Hoan Kiem District.