Should you rent a house or apartment in Tay Ho?

Nguyen Anh Thu04/02/2020

Do you know which part of Hanoi is the most attractive for expats to stay at and has lots of apartment for rent in Hanoi? It’s Tay Ho district, a district to the North of Hanoi. About this area, it is one of the ten districts in Hanoi and is becoming a travel service center with a beautiful protected landscape, which is the main reason for expats to choose this place. The total area of this district is 2400ha, 500ha of which is the West Lake – the popular destination for people to enjoy peacefulness and quietness. About geographic boundary, Tu Liem and Cau Giay are to the West, Ba Dinh is to the south and Long Bien to the East, making it easier for expats to travel to work or to leisure centers. Tay Ho District has all it takes to become the favorite attraction of expats and they should choose this place to reside in.

Prime location for best transportation with apartments in Tay Ho

Expats coming to Vietnam are not always familiar with the frequent traffic jams. If not want to get used to it, they often choose a place with convenient transportation that can help them travel easily to other important parts of this city such as Hoan Kiem District or Dong Da District. In contrast to the crowded roads at any time of the day, the streets in Tay Ho is reasonably spacious, which is more suitable for expats who don’t know well about riding a motorbike in Hanoi.

Apartment for rent in Tay Ho

Apartment for rent in Tay Ho

The location of Tay Ho District is not at the center of Hanoi, but there are more and more residential areas, leading to a large number of facilities and services with high quality. One more thing you should notice is that there are many vital roads of Hanoi connect through Tay Ho District to important places such as Noi Bai Airport (through Vo Chi Cong Street), Central Hanoi (through Thuy Khue Street), which is very convenient for expats.

A friendly community of expats

Because the living space in Tay Ho is so large, many expats chose this place, not to mention the fact that the Vietnamese neighborhood in this area is quite friendly but they are also very private, making the expats feel more comfortable when finding apartment for rent in Tay Ho. One special thing about Tay Ho is that it has many small alleys connecting to each other, keeping all the houses away from the hustle and bustle of this city.

Westerners take up most of the population here with about 70% of the expats, including Europeans, Americans, Canadian…, forming a large community of English-speaking expats. Staying in this area can help you over some difficulties of foreigners such as cultural differences and language barriers when expats first come to Vietnam because the old expats can help you answer questions concerning rents and deposits.

Beautiful scenes and an incredible view from Tay Ho apartment for rent

West Lake is 500 ha large with hundreds of green trees, making this district the “lung” of Hanoi. As for the fact that apartment buildings in Tay Ho area next to the lake with marvelous views, expats will find themselves enjoying the gorgeous scenes of West Lake if they rent apartments in Tay Ho. In the summer, people can experience the gentle breeze full of coolness, and in the winter they can witness the beautiful sunset.

House for rent in Tay Ho

House for rent in Tay Ho

Hanoi is a safe city, so does Tay Ho district. If expats want to find a quiet, private and secure, Tay Ho apartments for rent are ideal choices. In some apartments in projects, there are security guards, but in some apartments in mini buildings, there is not. Although the majority of expatriates do not have guards, this is a personal choice and easily arranged.

Diverse properties

Tay Ho District includes apartments and serviced apartments from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms, penthouse or luxury apartment for rent. There are many apartment buildings in Tay Ho such as Elegant suits, Sedona suite and Fraser Suite, Hanoi club, Golden Westlake, Ciputra Hanoi urban area, etc. You are easy to find out good apartments in Tay Ho District | Westlake area with many lease ranges, furnished or unfurnished status, just send us your requirement, we will carry out a survey in order to define your right home in the shortest time with reasonable price.

In terms of house for rent in Tay Ho, expats will find it quite confusing to find a villa for rent in Tay Ho or a house for rent in Tay Ho and Alphhahousing can help you with that, free of charge.