Renting for your family in Hanoi: What you need to know

Nguyen Anh Thu23/08/2019

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam has long been a famous destination for expats to settle down or even start a new life with many house for rent in Hanoi. Some expats might come here alone to experience new thing, some come here to work, perhaps for the rest of their live, bringing their family with them. One feature of these is that their superior will pay for the housing expense, so many expats coming to Hanoi for work choose to rent properties instead of buying one for their family. So what do expats need to know to find a dream home in a strange and new country?

Size of your family

Some may think that the size of the family is not as important as other things but actually, it decides everything. For example, if you’re just a newly wed couple planning to have no children, an apartment for rent in Hanoi is the best. The price ranges from $800-2000, varying from two to three bedroom kinds and expats can literally find them anywhere in Hanoi without any difficulty. However, due to language difference, it is best to have some real estate agents deal with the papers, so that you have no legal problems.

If you’re a big family of 5-7 members, it is highly recommended to rent a villa, which can easily be found on the outskirts of Hanoi (fully furnished or unfurnished are bith available). Another tip for expats is that in case of having one extra room, you can find renters from your community or ask your friends to stay with you.

Your workplace

It is no doubt that you and your family member might be working at different place when relocating in Hanoi, so it would be the best for you to find a place to stay at the middle part between the two workplaces. If you cannot find one, you and your family member should discuss this to see which path is less crowded and choose a property near that.


Expats should take the location of your work into consideration

Perhaps you should choose somewhere NOT in the central Hanoi, because even though the distance is short, it will take you much time due to the traffic jams, which does not happen frequently with roads outside of Hanoi.

Properties you should choose

A city villa is similar to an apartment or a detached house, but it facilities and amenities are usually of a higher standard, meaning that it is very different from the other rental property types. You and your family can really enjoy a city villa as if you’re staying at a hotel thanks to the amenities and facilities of surrounding garden, pool, large car park, fully-furnished kitchen and dining area, large living area, entertainment system, etc. Staying in this kind of property, you are provided with fine services and professional in-house staff, making it your best luxurious experience.

One more feature of this type is the big number of rooms. A city villa can have upto 6 bedrooms, fitting a large family (maybe one will be used as entertainment room). Fancy as it is, the price of City Villa is not cheap at all and you should consider your budget and income very carefully in order to balance your life.


Villas for rent in Hanoi

A single apartment for rent in Hanoi is very easy to find, but to find one with good quality, you and your family would have to scout a lot to find one that suits you best. When signing the lease contract, you should pay attention carefully to the security deposits, non-refundable deposits, other additional fees and the length of your lease (it should be a year for your family to get used to the place). Please be noted that you can always look for a real estate agency to help you with finding and doing the papers, which is often free of charge as it is here in Alphahousing.

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