First time renting guide for expats in Hanoi

Nguyen Anh Thu23/08/2019

As there are more and more expats coming to Hanoi to relocate for their job, the market of Hanoi housing is growing faster than ever, leading to some complications, which causes confusion to newcomers. Being a new residents of Hanoi, there are something that you should consider very carefully before renting any property.

Areas to live in Hanoi

Properties for rent are literally available everywhere in Hanoi, including some suburb districts but there are three prime location that can offer you the best amenities and large communities of expats:

  • Tay Ho District: Stay away from the hustle and bustle and the deafening sound of Hanoi, Tay Ho District have all it takes to be the ideal place to settle down. The apartments for rent in Tay Ho is full of light and the cool breeze from West Lake will make you feel comfortable than ever. Thanks to its peacefulness and quietness, Tay Ho is now the number one choice for westerners, leading to a large community of English-speaking expats. Because of this large community, services such as restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. are always available.
  • Nam Tu Liem District: This is a newly developed area of Hanoi with hundreds of companies working in, most of which are from Japan and Korea, which are very suitable for those who work in this area. Because of the density of Koreans and Japanese in this area, the service for this community is also very diverse with high quality
  • Ba Dinh District: This is considered one of the central districts of Hanoi where there are a lot of leisure activities and facilities that can meet the high demands of expats. From here you can easily travel to other important places such as Noi Bai International Airport or the Long Bien Bridge.

Apartments for rent in Nam Tu Liem District

Rental Costs

Finding an house for rent Hanoi is quite easy but it does not always come with the best facilities and most reasonable price. The best idea would be that you join in some group of expats as Hanoi Massive and ask for help. People coming from your country or culture can understand your insights and needs because there is no barrier in terms of communication. They can also give you the best advice how to obtain affordable rentals thanks to their personal experience.

Moreover, you should thoroughly understand your income and budget for rentals only. To make the best out of it, you can share the rent with one or two acquaintances in a 2-3 bedroom apartment, which can make the additional costs of electricity and water reduce. One thing in the normal contract of any landlords for expats is that these landlords expect you to pay beforehand 3 months of rent and one month worth of security deposit. This can make it hard for you to afford at first but then it would be more comfortable for you.

Where to find your dream home if you do not have much time

Not every expat can wander all day to look at the potential properties for them to rent so the best solution for this is to go for the real estate agents. The market for expats rental has been in Vietnam for such a long time that the agents have what it takes to fully understand the requirements and payability of expats. They also have a network full of options for you to choose from with reasonable price and convenient location, which will save you a great deal of time.


Real Estate agency like Alphahousing can help you find your dream home

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