Amenities, services and location – Things to consider

Nguyen Anh Thu30/08/2019

When coming to live and work in Hanoi – Vietnam, many expats have to choose among many different apartments for rent in Hanoi with different characteristics in size, location and amenities. Due to language and cultural barriers, many people will not know what is most important when renting a house. In Vietnam, it is the facility, the service and the location.

Amenities – which determines your quality of life

When choosing a rental apartment, there are many expats that choose apartments with beautiful views or apartments with exquisite and unique interior designs, but what makes the most precious experiences in your life in Vietnam is amenities. These amenities in urban areas are not necessarily encapsulated in the same buildings but also in surrounding areas. They include the entertainment area, the school ground, the medical facility… If in a good quality building, all of these amenities are provided with international quality and standardized equipment, which are are very beneficial for international residents to settle in these places because the international quality means the communication of English. This is very convenient for those with English native tongue.

Amenities at residential areas - Hanoi housing

Amenities at residential areas – Hanoi housing

For many buildings or urban areas, the service fee to get these amenities is extremely high but it can be said that once you have chance to enjoy these services, you can see the excellent quality along with the class experience. If you are not married, the facilities you may need include a four-season swimming pool, a business center, shopping, cinema …, all of which can help you relax  after stressful working hours.

Services – which set one apart from the others

While the amenities help you have the most comfortable and convenient life, the quality of service is the thing that determines your high-class living experience. If you live in an apartment building with a high quality of service, you will always feel that this is your home (with services that are dedicated and thoughtful). These services not only come from modern equipment but also from well-trained staff. They will give you a gentle sense of relaxation as if you are being treated like in the royal family. On the contrary, if you settle in a building of poor quality, you have to pay extremely high service fees but you have many very small uncertainties related to electricity, water, security, etc.

Vinhomes Metropolis - best services available

Vinhomes Metropolis – best services available

So how to find a building with good service? First, always grasp the situation in the apartment buildings you’re setting your eyes in. To do this, you will have to pay attention to the news of the building because if there are any mistakes, all will be posted on the newspaper pages. For more certainty, you can look for services from rental agents in Hanoi. They can provide thorough information about the best quality buildings at affordable rental prices. As in Alphahousing, we do not charge any consulting fees.

Location – which will affect your life

Perhaps your location does not directly affect your life when in Hanoi it also plays a very important role. If renting in beautiful apartments with flexible and quick connection, expats can easily go to play areas, can move quickly to the work area, very convenient and save time.

If you choose a place to live in your own community then your life will be even better because these communities offer special services, only in that community. Two typical examples are in Nam Tu Liem the West Lake area. In Nam Tu Liem district, where Keangnam building – a brand from South Korea is located, Koreans are very crowded and there are many food and supermarket brands of Korean brands such as K-market, Korean barbecue stalls, Korean traditional food, etc. In Tay Ho, there are many restaurants opened by the Western people themselves, mainly serving Western expats and tourists.

In order to find good Hanoi housing, all of the amenities, services and location are gathered, please contact Alphahousing, we are pleased to serve.