Royal City: Living space of modernity and class quality

Nguyen Anh Thu26/08/2019

When it comes to Hanoi housing, Royal City Hanoi apartments for rent can be considered a symbol of modernity and class thanks to its prime location and and high-standard quality. Since its first appearance in the real estate market of Hanoi, Royal City has been the standard of every single apartment buildings in Hanoi, setting a living space of luxury, convenience at an international level that is even famous in the expatriate community of this capital city. Settling in this residential areas, expats not only have chance to receive best services but also are offered the joy of living in a neighborhood of many foreigners with the similar culture.

Royal City is the center of Hanoi

Located on Nguyen Trai Street in the heart of Thanh Xuan district to the South of Hanoi, Royal City inherited many conveniences from this prime location. While the center of Hanoi tourism lies in Hoan Kiem District  with a large number of visitors and traditional food stalls, the case of Hanoi housing is much more different. Due to limited land fund of Hoan Kiem, many expats who enjoy peaceful life have moved to other areas and one of the most renowned destinations is Thanh Xuan District where Royal City is at.

royal city hanoi apartment for rent

Royal City – Center of Hanoi

Nguyen Trai is the largest street in Hanoi with width of 16 lanes, and the skytrain system along this road has been completed, creating big advantages for the transportation from this area to both the outskirts and the central Hanoi. While the connection to the central Hanoi is well developed so that the residents in Royal City can enjoy the downtown entertainment, there is still a system of leisure activities right beneath the ground of Royal City, including super mall, fine wines and dines, cinemas, supermarkets, etc. With the gathering of all facilities and amenities needed in a person’s life, Royal City is truly the home of many people including expats.

European living style right at the heart of Hanoi

As a miniature of “European city”, Royal City is a superb complex urban area where you can enjoy the exciting experience of a modern and comfortable life in a clean, green and secured space.

Class and luxury Royal City Hanoi apartments are built with European royal architecture style, using high-tech, modern and safe facilities for every family’s life. Apartments here have a surface area ranging from 88.3m2 to 221.4 m2 with 39 different types. Any real estate agency in Hanoi can offer you the listings of unfurnished or fully furnished apartments with many options of different spaces to meet the needs of every member of your family.

When renting an Hanoi apartment in Royal City, you are instilled with the European soul with 2 different interior styles of modern and neoclassical, giving many options for expats to choose from. Foreigners here will experience a luxurious and modern life with high class furniture made of stone and natural wood. The curtain system is automatic and can be controlled remotely in energy-saving mode. Besides all that, the security feature, which is one of the most importants things for expats to consider when renting a property in Vietnam, is well-managed with electric lock latches, camera chip electronic ports, fire alarm, etc.

Amenities suitable for expats are all available in Royal City

Built and developed by Vinhomes, Royal City Hanoi apartment for rent is granted with the “ecological system” of amenities, creating a neighborhood of every that expats need which is just within a few steps from your home. Thanks to the place’s international standard, the services here are provided with staff that can communicate in English, Korean or Japanese, creating a friendly environment for expats to fit in with people and the life here.

royal city hanoi apartment for rent

Supreme Services at Royal City

With a combination of high-class hotels, offices for rent, commercial centers, beautiful apartment buildings, schools, life in Vinhomes Royal City promises expats a refreshing space that can help them enjoy fabulous life but in a less hustle and bustle neighborhood.