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Latest Houses for Rent in Dong Da District

Houses for Rent in Dong Da District

Located in one of the most dynamic and busy areas, Dong Da District is definitely a good choice for expatriates when choosing house for rent in Hanoi. This place has all the commodities and services that you need.

Why should expats rent a house in Dong Da District?

Dong Da District is where a large number of cultural and historical monuments reside

If you decide to rent a house in Dong Da District, you will live among Vietnamese culture and tradition through many of its historical and religious sites such as Vietnam Temple of Literature, Lang Pagoda and Hanoi Railway Station, etc. These sites were built many years ago, making it your valuable chance to learn more about Vietnam.

Expats can live in a convenient, friendly and private environment

The local residents in this area are friendly as for the fact that they respect their neighbors and their privacy. In terms of local amenities, when living in houses for rent in Dong Da District, you can be really close to a wide number of shops, supermarkets, restaurants and leisure centers such as Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh.

If you choose Dong Da as the home for you when coming to Vietnam, you will live in a friendly community in which most expats reside.

  • The community is very diverse, people living here range from Europeans, Americans to Australians, etc.
  • The local life of Dong Da District will gain you unforgettable experience through many leisure and culinary activities.

Convenient traveling

Living at the heart of Hanoi, expats renting houses in Dong Da District can easily travel to other main streets and districts of Hanoi without any difficulty. Traveling time would be only a few minutes away to go to office buildings, which is quick and highly convenient.

Find house for rent in Dong Da District with Alphahousing

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In Dong Da District, you can find many Hanoi house rental with different offers and price. If you are seeking houses for rent in Dong Da district for you or your family/friends, please send us your requirements, we will analyze your demand in detail and carry out a survey to your right home in the shortest time with reasonable price.