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Latest Houses for Rent in Tay Ho District

Houses for rent in Tay Ho

Hanoi housing often brings convenience and privacy. And among most of options, house for rent in Tay Ho are favoured by most of expats in Hanoi. Specialized in residential property market, Alphahousing will offer updated listings and help you choose the best home in Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Why should you choose house for rent in Tay Ho?

Tay Ho is located on the northwest of Hanoi. From an apartment/house for rent in Tay Ho, you also could connect to other districts, such as: Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, Tu Liem, Long Bien, Dong Anh, Bac Giang,…

Ecological environment

For a few years, Tay Ho has been homes of many expats. Tay Ho is a large district which has fresh air, quiet atmosphere and incredible view.  Being different from other area in Hanoi, Tay Ho has the biggest lake of Hanoi- West Lake. The lake occupies about 500ha of a total area of 2400ha. So that, house for rent here is considered as an ecological house. Once choosing to stay, you could enjoy a living space that is very close to nature.

Quiet and private

Renting a house in Tay Ho district means that you choose quiet place to stay. Tay Ho is not center of Hanoi, but it is not far from Hoan Kiem (old Quarter). And with different structure, most of houses in Tay Ho is private and peaceful.

High class community

In Tay Ho for a few years, Europeans, Americans,… have chosen as short term/long term home to live. And then, there were a lot of amenities, services and houses for rent which are suitable for foreigners.

Nowadays, along with the Vietnamese community, there is also a large of expatriate’s community. In additions, owning a house in Tay Ho is very expensive, so that, the Vietnamese community in this area is often from middle class. People here are very polite, respectful and friendly.

Easy to find house for rent in Tay Ho with Alphahousing

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Houses in Tay Ho offer all the modern conveniences to assure a comfortable lifestyle. Most are built over three or four levels and the number of bedrooms can vary from two to six.  Houses in Tay Ho for rent with lake view, courtyard or garden in all price to fit your budgets. Tell us your requirements, furnished or unfurnished houses with some other ideal and best location or street as in Quang An, Nghi Tam, Xuan Dieu, To Ngoc Van, Dang Thai Mai, Xom Chua…) we will select a suitable house for your visiting to save you time to find the right home.