Apartment for rent in D’.Le Roi Soleil

59 Xuan Dieu Str., Quang An, Tay Ho, Ha Noi View location

From $800/month

D ‘. Le Roi Soleil (also known as Tan Hoang Minh Quang An) is located at 59 Xuan Dieu Street – at the crossroads of Xuan Dieu and Dang Thai Mai street, which is considered the golden location for the breathtaking views and outstanding amenities. This superbly developed project also has all it takes to become one of the most iconic and pristine apartment buildings in the Hanoi Skyline.

Facilities & amenities

  • Balcony
  • Gym
  • 24/7 security
  • Swimming pool
  • Supermarket
  • BBQ pit
  • Playground
  • Restaurants
  • Function Room
  • Shopping Mall
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Why should expats choose D’. Le Roi Soleil?

With outstanding advantages of being located near Westlake, expats will enjoy the enchanting beauty of the scenic views and sensational breeze from the Lake immersed in a fresh atmosphere full of natural splendor.

While the daylight sights help expats indulge in one of the most charming beauties of Hanoi without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the streets, the nightlife here in D’. Le Roi Soleil is full of star-like lights from other architectural landmarks, which will give you a poetic sight that can hardly be seen in any other place. Just imagine yourself taking a sip out of your wine glass and having a look all over this dynamic city of Hanoi, you will understand why D’. Le Roi Soleil is worth it.

Moreover, although this project’s location is not close to downtown Hanoi, it only takes you a few minutes get to key locations of the Capital such as Westlake side, Hoan Kiem Lake (Old quarter), entertainment venues, administrative areas, international schools, Noi Bai airport, International hospital. With this being said, expats not only get to enjoy the serenity and quietness but also the energetic vibes of this developed city.

D’. Le Roi Soleil ultra-luxurious designs

D’. Le Roi Soleil Quang An is the reenactment of the living space of the King of the Sun with perfect products in Art Decor style so that every moment here is enjoyed with satisfaction and happiness. D’. Le Roi Soleil  – Quang An is built on an area of nearly 10,000 m2. The project consists of 2 Towers, each with 25 stories for apartments, 8 stories for service and 6 for basement parking.

The scale of these apartments here is quite diverse, which is from 83m2 – 333m2, giving you a variety of luxurious apartments for rent in Hanoi. Each apartment will have the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in compliance with the square area, which can be suitable for a family or even a group of friends. The apartment has its own space to dive into the natural light and iconic views, fully converting all elements of nature into favorable conditions in harmony.

D’. Le Roi Soleil sleek and polished facility

Among many projects of Westlake housing market, D’. Le Roi Soleil offers an ideal settle to bring about outstanding values ​​to life, giving you moments of true experience with the most advanced facilities of modern life. As a pioneer project designed with eight stories separated as a service tower to serve the needs of residents, D’. Le Roi Soleil provides you the most advanced facilities including infinity and 4 season pool, community room, five stars commercial and utility center area, clinic, pharmacy area, European – Asian restaurant, kindergarten, children’s playground area, event area, BBQ, etc.

With the location near “Expats Corner” of Hanoi, it came as no surprise when you can find a large number of bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes with westerns or exotic themes that serve mainly the foreigners in Vietnam. In these places, you are served with English-speaking staff, together with many other goods, foods, drinks from your countries.

How Much to Rent An Apartment in D’. Le Roi Soleil Tan Hoang Minh?

Alpha Housing offers the latest rental list of apartments in D’. Le Roi Soleil Tan Hoang Minh Group, Xuan Dieu Str., Tay Ho Distr., Hanoi.  Rent depends on the living area, the direction of view, the interior design of each… so on. The average rental will fluctuate as follows;

  • Two-Bedroom Apartment with the area; 98 m2, The rental from $750 – $1200 per month
  • Three-bedroom apartment with the area; 111 – 146 m2, The rental from $1300 – $2500 per month
  • Four-Bedroom Apartment with the area; 230 – 330 m2, The rental from $4000 – $7000 per month
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Brandnew 02 bedrooms apartment in D.’le Roi Soleil for rent


Brandnew 02 bedrooms apartment in D.’le Roi Soleil for rent

xuan Dieu street, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

  • 90 m2
  • 2 beds
  • 2 baths
D’. Le Roi Soleil Apartment for lease


D’. Le Roi Soleil Apartment for lease

59 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

  • 146 m2
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths